Best Vest

I mean it,  I am totally smitten over this vest ! In textured knitting, I think it very prudent to choose or design a very enjoyable pattern, and with a nice yarn,  so that the days, weeks, perhaps months it may take to complete the project , are at least not spent in utter boredom. I personally do not get bored while knitting, but just sayin’.  Here is my  best ever vest project in progress, and enjoying every row !

By the time I finished the body, I was more than ecstatic to take scizzors to it, and open up the steeks, wash, and block.  (Note to self ;  next time wash and block before cutting steeks. )

Next, sew seems and knit the button bands !

2 thoughts on “Best Vest

  1. That is absolutely fantastic!! I JUST bought my first pattern that uses steeks. I try to only have one project at a time going, but I’m eager to get started on my first steek-y project. Your pictures are useful, I couldn’t quite figure how steeks worked for an armhole and neck edge, now I do! What a gorgeous pattern. Nice job!

    • Oh Thank you Kieran ! Steeking is just one of those things that you can not possibly *get* until you do it a few times. I figure there’s so many online resources, one can’t really go wrong now. 🙂 Good Luck with it, and I’ll stand by for any help you need, just flag me down. 🙂

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