Vikkel Braid Finishes

I have learned the Vikkel Braid trim ! I am so excited !

I found the instruction on YouTube, and learned also that Nancy Bush’s book “Folk Knitting In Estonia” has Vikkel braid finishes in her pattens.  (I must get this book !)

I did the first row after a long-tail cast-on with the Vikkel Braid, then after my rib/moss border, I did another Vikkel. The really exciting thing is that the bind-off method I use matches , so I can have the cast-on edge look like the bind-off edge. And it’s stretchy too. This shall among my signature edgings !

With the long-tail cast-on, the Vikkel Braid is very square, thick, and looks braided from beneath as well.

With the simplest back loop cast-on, the Vikkel Braid lays flatter, but the braid shows underneath, not on the side.

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