Well, I really should never say that *everything* is planted, because I am learning that the garden extends beyond the summer annuals, that I need to be thinking about what to plant upcoming in Autumn.  This year I tried a new technique for seeds, getting a late late start as it was COLD in June with the most rain in recorded history of that month.  I planted in proper seed mix , a sprinkling of seeds in dixie cups. They sprout in a crowd of tiny seedlings, and when I want to plant them ~~~ this is my secret~~~ I open up the whole cup into a bath of water, and in a few minutes the pack loosens up and little sprouts easily separate, while getting a really good drink in the process ! Nice and stiff with the water drink, they are so easily propped into little holes in their new beds, and with (so far) nearly 100 percent surviving!

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