Lichen Waistcoat

I decided that to stray from the pattern’s borders, peeries, and color sequences was courting disaster.  Even though I always seem to have an overwhelming impulse to substitute (as in cooking), knitting is perhaps a little less flexible.  It’s always a valuable learning experience about just how far I can deviate from the author’s pattern or colorway. I’m one of those who very rarely has stuck completely to a pattern (or cooking recipe). I ended up becoming quite unattracted to the alternate color sequence and peerie which I originally started to substitute in the first attempt at the Lichen Waistcoat in this post , reason being that I didn’t want to introduce a fifth color which would detract from the ‘sparkle’ of the bright green center in the borders, an accident which I found unexpectedly perfect.  I just wanted that green pinstripe to stand alone. That’s not too hard to understand, is it?

I soon ripped back to the first border and settled in to the author’s pattern, and now happy enough with my own colorway at least, being completely infatuated with the pair of Virtual Yarns “Red Deer” and “Mountain Hare” colors, of the Hebridean Moor & Mountain color story, and well, the soflty neutral Jamiesons Spindrift “Natural Black” is a very nice choice for the motifs I think.

I am now back on course with this project. It however, is near the back burner as there are four other projects which have seemed to make their way into my priority knitting. I will have this well under way if not finished, in the Autumn of this year… or am I kidding myself ?

6 thoughts on “Lichen Waistcoat

  1. I love the jewel tone you’ve substituted with. How exciting to have it finished and ready to wear in the fall. Wonderful knit, Jen

    By the way, did you know I grew up in San Francisco Bay Area and have spent many wonderful weekends and getaways in your backyard?! 😀

  2. Love your vest, Jen – Isn’t Cheryl’s book a treasure? I always seem to come back to that one, and it’s new to me each time. Your blog is beautiful – what a talented photographer you are! Thanks for being my new friend! Love Mary

  3. Hi Jen – thanks for stopping by Shades of Shetland – leaving a comment is like introducing yourself – pleased to meet you! I’ve added your blog Yarnings to my bloglines feed list and look forward to seeing the LIchen Vest finished – you’ve done a great job with your personal colourway. I’ve come to a conclusion myself – when doing an established pattern and doing your own colourway – stick to the pattern – it’s too much to fiddle with the motifs and sizing and colouring all at once – if you are going to do that you should just start from scratch and design your own…… might have fun! Love that green highlight row – green is one of my favourites to pop a design!

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