My Thrift Obsession

Here’s a heap of antique hangers, just a tiny few of my collection, just the ones which are especially cool. Today I hit a particular charity thrift shop in downtown Napa, and scored six old wooden hangers for 25 cents … for the whole bunch.  Sometimes, they are a little more, usually a quarter each, or a quarter for 3, but this was the best deal yet !
A very nice collection indeed, most of which are California cleaners, but a few which even are from the Old Town Napa…

A Ravelry Alert, for sure… this one says “Owl Cleaners” , with two little stamped owl motifs. How adorable.

“Novelty Dye Works” of Los Angeles !

Occasionally I will score a very frilly handworked one. This one I’m afraid I have put the wear on…

Killer finds, these very old style clamping hangers…

… and my all-time favorite, the “quite-a lot-of-wood” hanger, which I usually hang only the special things in my closet.

Look closely ~my ‘other’ thrift obsession~ anything with the label “Irish Linen”

6 thoughts on “My Thrift Obsession

    • Oh, that Irish Linen is wonderful stuff, and makes me so happy ! I still, will only pay a few dollars for the linen shirts, at the Goodwill store, or some other charity thrift store. I stay out of expensive consignment shops altogether. A good find is only as good as it was nearly free. The thrill is in the ‘steal’. 🙂

      • Ditto on nearly free sentiment. Otherwise, no thrill, if you have to pay near retail pricing 😀 Our Goodwill store has become one of the latter which is somewhat disappointing.

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