Measuring Progress

So,  here I am knitting on a Sunday morning, trying feverishly to get at least one of the two kilt hose through the toe section and finished today .

Closer, see that green yarn row marker?

It got caught in the knitting, because I wasn’t paying attention to bring it around to the front on each row.

Ah ha ! I can measure the length of the yarn of the row marker and know how much I knit this morning.

Voila !

My discovery is that if one does this on purpose, say, using a long yarn loop of a row marker with an object dangling on one end, as I do a button, so it won’t slip through, then one can do this quite intentionally. I make row markers like this, lots of them, but I now see the benefit of making them particularly long, so I can measure what I’ve knit in a given time period. Or, if I want to knit a certain length of a section, say, I need to knit 2 inches for example, I just slip the marker to the back and keep measuring the marker from the front. At any point, at the end of the row, the marker can just be slipped out of the knitting and placed back in the front again. Quite Nifty !

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