Treehouse Knitting.

    1. I am going to be going for a few days to a Treehouse Village in Oregon, and staying with a party of a bunch of folks, and we will nearly take over the whole treehouse village ! Jeff and I will be staying in the one shown in the photo, called ‘Serendipitree’. The occcasion is in honor of his sister’s 60th birthday, and we Mob o’ Monkeys will inhabit these treehouses for two nights and a day. But of course, I plan to customize this vacation into a knitting retreat!

When I return hopefully I will have made good progress on my Nieces’ Autumn Sweaters for this coming equinox. I am taking this small stash with me to design-as-I-go and I’ll hope for the best.

So far, I’ve made a little headstart…

I’ll see you on the flipside.

7 thoughts on “Treehouse Knitting.

  1. I would love to play in that tree house. I really enjoy holidays in different little houses – just like playing house when I was a wee girl. I hope you got some pics of the inside.

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  3. Oh gosh, your knitting is beautiful, you have a real flare for putting the right colours together. Love the treehouse. what a beautiful place to live!

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