Another Baby In The Circle

 ~Born Wednesday January 4th ~

The first grandchild of my dear friend’s,

and named just today !

An ’emergency’ last-minute gift idea, is all ready to present  as soon as possible. I didn’t make the sock monkey baby, (it was in a Christmas package, sent amongst other things, from my in-laws),  however, I luckily happened to have some wool red sock yarn in my stash, and dividing the plies, embroidered on to it with chain stitch. Standing about 7 inches in height, it’s the perfect little gift for a wee mite.

3 thoughts on “Another Baby In The Circle

  1. Oooooh, just too adorable to send off. That’s gonna be one lucky baby 😀 I see this monkey will go far…many places, many wild adventures 😀 Great idea, embellishment, and execution, Jen.

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