Thrifty @ Fifty

What luck ! Today, the eve of my fiftieth birthday, I found an amazing work table for my Loft Room, which is my work space.  I’ve been using an old metal folding card table for years, while hoping one day I’d find a nice sturdy drop-leaf antiquish wood table .  I think this is it.  I’m stunned.

On the top, the laquer has been unkept, all kinds of weathered unsightly stains, and it has some scratches, but all was greatly improved with a little light ultra-fine steel wool & beeswax/citrus oil treatment (to soften the old laquer up and smooth out the glare). Most importantly, it has some nice old petina too. I don’t want the surface perfect, but far from it, because as a work table, I expect to put some more petina… lots.   Dove-tail joints in the wee drawer, solid hardwood, underneath hinges are recessed, original label of maker, and…..cost only  $24.99 !!!! I’m stunned, the more I play around with it, the more I realize what a find this is.  Finally, a big table to sprawl out sewing, knitting, craftwork of any kind. What a great present to myself.

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After treating the top of the table, the desk that it’s tucked up beside now needs a treatment. I am so pleased that it fits like a glove beneath the skylight next to my desk, if I move my desk all the way over. I can just pull it out 4 feet, lift up the leafs, and begin work. I am just so happy how it fits right in, how it now centers the sitting cubby (which was lopsided when the desk was centered) ,  and now makes my work space so much more purposeful and gorgeous and complete!

13 thoughts on “Thrifty @ Fifty

  1. I am having great trouble leaving a comment so if I make a mistake just ignore it as I can’t go back and correct it. Anyway, have a wonderful birthday, young lady. 50 is a great place to be

    • OH HI LIZZI !!! You’ve been in my thoughts lately, I am so ripe to send you a beg lett’r soon. Thank you for your warm welcome to the fifties, I’ve surely been looking forward to this. Do you see the stack o’ plaid in the slideshow, not the big one, but the wee one? Anyway, I am barely recovered from xmas, now the birthday thing to get past, then I’ll be getting busy on my new table !

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