A Week of Thrifty Finds

Scavenging thrift shops could be a part-time job I’d take on willingly, but I’m trying to limit my habit of doing so. Last Monday I found an antique gate-leg drop-leaf  work table, and today I scored even more items for my project-craft space ~ an upstairs open room which I call my loft .  Mostly I found old wooden cigar boxes for 50cents each,  but one box in particular is a nifty sliding-top box originally for a micrometer, but has been filled with old carpenter pencils and crayons (and sold that way…all for 50cents) ~ this I intend to give a special home in our new workshop Jeff has been building (and which just had the final building inspection in December). As for the stack of cigar boxes, I will fill them with buttons, notions & threads, and just gadgets to do with knitting, sewing, and needlework of all kinds. I frequent many thrift shops, but one in particular I keep finding old antique wooden hangers at 25cents each,many with logos of cleaner & dyers printed on them ~posted back here , a whole pile of them I’ve been collecting over the years.  Sometimes, as today, I have to cut off the handwork padding to get to the bare hanger, and I’m proud to say these hangers are perfect for the many shirts I’ve made hanging in the closet.  This one time I managed to leave behind all but one of the needlework and craft books.  So there’s my stack of finds from today, which I can’t wait to bring into my workspace and find purpose for each.

2 thoughts on “A Week of Thrifty Finds

  1. Nice! I think I need to start hitting the thrift shops more. Once upon a time just after I started knitting, but before I really knew what a swift was, there was a whole pile of knitting needles and a swift in one of the shops. I got some really nice rosewood needles, but didn’t get the swift. I later regretted that. Must go rummage around again one day.

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