Steek & Soak

My thoughts about steeking are only that I am improving with each project. I am happy that I didn’t give up those first times when too many crocheted loops were making the edge ruffling out, or when I crocheted then tighter to  compensate, and then distorting the edge as well. I’ve figured that similar to picking up stitches for the bands, that to crochet 3 rows and then skip a row, makes it seem to be just right, not too many, not too few.

Now, the big thing this time which I’m doing differently, is that I’m going to crochet the edges, finish it all off, then wash and block… all before cutting the steek. I can bet then that picking up stitches won’t be so difficult as I wouldn’t have varying length edges from mismatched tensions and washing/blocking with edges cut apart.  Personally I think this discovery might be an improvement on the process of steeking.

Now it’s time for the magical soak !

4 thoughts on “Steek & Soak

  1. It’s so exciting to see it’s nearly finished. I have never washed and blocked before steeking so your experiment and its result will be informative for my future play 😀 Big applaud for venturing out, Jen.

  2. Love these colors. This is so inspiring. I want to get out my Fair Isle yoke sweater yarn now and start it again. I think I’ll try to make a hat with the FI pattern so I won’t feel skeert when I get to the two color work.

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