Kids Love Stripes

It’s time for me to begin designing what I will knit for my nieces’ Vernal Equinox 2012 sweaters.   I’m thinking definitely  seamless-yoke construction (as I am a hopeless addict) , definitely short-sleeved, but wool, as they must be cozy but not too cozy, for warming-yet-coolish spring days .  They must be rugged, so I bought sock yarn, because the key word for the use of these sweaters is ‘play’.

I was fully expecting to design a stranded-color in the yoke with something decorative and showy, but the truth is, I want my nieces to actually wear and really love them.  So I’m changing my course.  I think bright, energized, and fashionably predictable is more their taste, and not my ‘downplayed artsy exotic traditional’.  I chose colors which are not only the colors they asked for ~one will be turquoise with pink , and the other purple with light green~ but they are supposedly hand-painted varigated style yarns  which will make them more intriguing all around.  I am remembering what a great hit their last sweaters were Autumn 2011  indeed very stripey, and well, why not  go with what works, and do another pair. Okay, decided !

 Actually I’m quite relieved I’ve just been let off the hook to design and incorporate through a series of yoke decreases, a motif of some significance to each of them,  because the hard reality that exists is I have bought fingering weight yarn (what was I thinking… um… light fabric for hot afternoons in the playground, breathable and loosely gauged? ) to knit up with #3 or #4 needles, and I’ll have a zillion stitches per inch.  No stranding, nope, just straight color changes at the row. Can you just feel my sigh of relief ?

I’ve bought for each sweater, in KnitPicks “Tonal” ~ two 100g skeins of the main color and one 100g skein of a contrast, so the stripe pattern ought to be two-to-one, or there about. ( I’m planning on having yarn leftover).  As always, the sweaters ‘ will be what they want to be’ (my motto since learning to knit in the 80’s).  I am ready,  the way to proceed is now nailed, and I shall cast on today after knitting a gauge swatch.

5 thoughts on “Kids Love Stripes

  1. The girls have chosen lovely colours – and you are correct – there
    is no point in foisting your wishes on to them. They will love them and wear them!!

    • Well, only 6 months ago. You may think I’m crazy, but I have a wish to knit *each* of them a sweater for each of the two equinoxes (Vernal/spring & Autumnal/fall) of the year… that’s four sweaters a year total (not including incidental birthday and/or christmas knitted things) I love the challenge ! I also now have my husband’s brand new baby grandaughter whom I’m sure I’ll knit for every christmas and birthday. My speed and skill improves incrementally to who I am knitting for, yet I rarely have knit myself anything in a long time. lol.

      I am so happy to see you’re getting in those sweaters for you… thats very important !

  2. What a gorgeous palette. So vibrant, fun, and cheerful. A beautiful sight to see and welcome the season. Nice plan. You sure don’t waste anytime. Is there going to be another new to you that you will incorporate in these sweaters?

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