Bits & Bobs From Over The Pond

A wonderful person and outstanding knitter and lovely ScotsWoman has sent me this little bundle, after my several posts about my love of Scottish tartan. She and I have become dear penpals as well as knitting blog friends , and for a couple of years now Lizzi has encouraged me via comments on even my old blog (pre-Yarnings). Nothing quite solidifies a penpal friendship like a parcel in the mail, bearing tactile association, little things of another life of another world. I love this wee bit of wooliness from Scotland !

I was quite surprised with this parcel at Christmas time, which also had some other items (map of Scotland with some key points scribbled in ~including my ancestrial home town, chocolates, wee funny book about Haggis, and a card explaining everything) ~ and says Lizzi, ” Oh, they’re just some wee bits and bobs…” , but I see a stack of soft scrumptious wool plaid fabrics of olden times, vintage buttons and threads !!! A woman after my own heart.

Sending friends wee bits & bobs from each other’s lives is very helpful I have discovered, in feeling a truer human connection, and though they’re just things, the mind fills in the rest. Lizzi, how bravely and honestly you have spoken out from the void of a commentless first blog (Down From The Mountain), and in Yarnings encouraged me as if from the shadows when I thought nobody took notice.  That has been the most heart-warming gesture I can imagine, and I hope we’re friends for decades to come ~ and thank you.

*  *  *

Meanwhile,I’ve been making excellent progress on starting my Spring Equinox Sweater Tee’s , committing to say the least, to the long haul, and estimating I’ll be done in half the projected time, if not less. So, as one can guess, I’m very cheery today !

5 thoughts on “Bits & Bobs From Over The Pond

  1. The Tee looks awesome! I love the colour combo and how its working up.
    What a lovely package from Lizzi, interested to see what those lovely tartan’s become!

  2. Such wonderful treasures and beautiful friendship it signifies. I am so glad to get to see them from afar.

    And the Spring Equinox Sweater is to die for. I am so in love with the corrugated ribbing and the color stripes it unveils. It’s going to be another gorgeous hand knit. Wish I were one of your nieces ::D Glad to see you had such cheery day, Jen. It sure shows through today’s post.

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