Bread Beckons!

For some time I have not baked bread. I have decided to get lost again in a cloud of flour , refine my relationship with yeast, and learn new techniques.  I suppose what is ailing me seeks the comfort of some play in the kitchen. Here are a couple simple first loaves, no fuss, just getting warmed up.  One filled with stewed Montmorency cherries and prunes,  the other cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter.  Excellent flavors.  Next time less bread, more filling.  I just folded them, sides into then middle, in thirds and pressed the edges, then bake.  You could put them in loaf pans at that point, or bake them flat. They cut into nice ‘fingers’ to freeze, the size of large biscotti.  I freeze baked goods straight when cooled, into serving size pieces or slices.

I am having a few fingers of the cherry & prune, toasted from out of the freezer bag, and I am absolutely stunned with how delicious it is. The stewed fruit is somehow trapped in the bread and flavors intensify as well as texture, a real good loaf.  Mmmmm !

*  *  *

Meanwhile,I’ve been making excellent progress on starting my Spring Equinox Sweater Tee’s , committing to say the least, to the long haul, and estimating I’ll be done in half the projected time, if not less. So, as one can guess, I’m very cheery today !

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