Nora’s Birthday Sweater

Is Finished ! 

After carrying on about i-cord…

… and deliberating over this & that….

And finishing touches…

Photographed in different lighting…

At long last this little sweater can go to it’s wee little child.  In fact, her birthday is just three days before Easter this year, and it *does* happen to look very much like a painted Easter egg !

7 thoughts on “Nora’s Birthday Sweater

  1. “it’s only knitting.” Hmm… knitted clothes are MUCH more than just a “sweater.” Nowadays, we buy clothes, use ’em up, throw ’em away. But a knitted item especially made by someone special is different. Regardless of style changes, it becomes a heirloom, handed down from one generation to the next. Besides being warm and snuggly, it becomes the symbol of love and home.

  2. Yes – so why do we get in such a tizz?

    My husband shakes his head when i am frogging something for the umpteenth time and asks why I put my self through all the angst – i say it is the same angst that he feels when he is trying to put that little white ball in the hole that he chases around the golf course 3 times a week!

    That wee sweater IS like an Easter egg – lovely for a wee girl and very springlike.

    • Thank you Lizzi, and I think that nieces and grandchildren are the most apreciative of all possible recipients, so they are my favorite little wee models. Yours too ?

  3. Every bit of details, attention, colors, execution, and finishing shows your thoughtfulness and love for little Ellie. What you have created is more than just knitting, it’s magical memory Ellie will cherish in years to come, Jen 😀

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