Three Shades of Grey

I am very delighted to share with you a little project which designed itself as I knitted it up just last night and this morning !!!

Using three shades of grey…

A little something for my Old Pioneer Jar Method of brewing tea…

Though I normally use the clear kind of canning jars, for these photos I used one of my collection of  antique blue glass canning jars, with zinc lids. So pretty…

And so, I made a cozy little Tea Cozy for my Jar Brewing method.  It’s so adorable ,  I’m over the moon about it ! It reminds me a little of a Nepali or Tibeten Headress.

Bird’s eye view, knotted i-cord ‘bobble’ handle…

I call it “Earl Grey”

It rather speaks of it’s delicious namesake…

I like to drink my tea in a pint glass.

…and add whole milk.

Earl Grey Tea Cozy.   Whimsical.  Playful. Silly !

Do you suppose a standard 6-cup English teapot version is inevitable?

Maybe, but for now, I am quite pleased to be presenting my own pioneer tea-brewing method and the cozy”Earl Grey” Tea ‘Jar’ Cozy !

10 thoughts on “Three Shades of Grey

  1. As an Earl Grey tea drinker I think this is the ultimate in class! I drink it by the bucketload – or pot load. I am more of a bone china mug person – or, if we are being really posh, a cup and saucer. No milk, very weak and I top up as I drink so that the temperature is right – not too hot and never too cold. That’s when a cosy is just the business.

    Yes, the teapot is definitely the next step.


    I also have one cup of really good coffee every day which I make in my little cafetiere. I like my coffee with milk added (i usually heat the milk too – but by the time the coffee has brewed (4 minutes by the timer – we all have our little quirks) it is not as hot as I would like it. So………………..Mrs Designer, I throw out the challenge………

    I hope you know what I mean by a cafetiere (the little pot that you leave to brew and then plunge).

    • Wow Lizzi, you are the one with as much taste in variety as myself. I’m a Morning Coffee person too (I make a big pot for Jeff and myself, which actually is on a timer as we are up at 5a.m and running) then later in the morning I make tea. I am such a caffeine addict ! I think you’re talking about a French Press, or just Coffee Press, and yes, this wee little Earl Grey Cozy would fit one exceptionally well, almost as if it’s shape is really wanting to snug over a little press. What size press have you?

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