Makers & Believers

This inspirational Eunny Jang video really does say it all. The web has enabled us to see and be inspired by the work of others, to learn from them, and then to extend that out at a speedy rate, to in turn teach others. I feel this is what has consumed me in recent couple of years, and I have been gradually becoming fit for the world-wide-web.   It was about three years ago, maybe longer, that I tripped over my first knitting blogs, and was led as if by magical breadcrumbs to more vast spaces (Ravelry), which forced me to take bigger strides, always following those who were striding even bigger (much , bigger) before me,  and with me along with hundreds, in their wake.  I am pensive this morning, after watching this video, about potential, about believing in it.  I am surrounded by inspiration, so much it is actually numbing at times.

I like to get going early, around  7 o’clock in the morning, with my creative ‘work’, and interacting on the world-wide-web is a huge part of that process.  For to read about and interact with those that stimulate and excite is essential. I love the saying… “Choose those for friends who you wish to emmulate”.   Such  friends can be virtual presences I do believe, it’s all the same,  the ‘friends’ in my life who make me a better knitter, artist, cook, gardener, musician, and well..  a better person.  Giving is essential to the mix. I can’t get away with just drinking in, just consuming through the screen on my laptop,  or I will implode.  Besides, I don’t think what ‘comes in’ is really processed and progressed until it is ‘given out’.  And I do mean given.  Even more than sold…. (though I fully hope to have some ‘wares’ for sale in the near future)

I can only hope that I have something to contribute to the world , to knitters, and to music lovers, but like so many talented artists and designers I am studying, I might never know the extent of how much my ‘work’ is admired and appreciated by others, if it is at all, it may never be mine to know.   I am perhapas not entitled to know, but to be the workhorse only,  tilling the soil of the creativity.

I think that Potential is never found,  that it is only a direction, and that the path towards it is taken one small step at a time. Though I feel frozen in my tracks sometimes,  it is paramount that I do move into that step….

..and that I am not able to know now, the second step,  only the first. 

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