Seemly & Seamless

Looking ahead a little bit.

I am looking ahead to some fast knitting-by-the-fire during the first rains of October this Autumn,  ‘whipping out’ so to speak ,  a couple of these seamless Elizabeth Zimmerman designs in time for the big holiday,  for two homesteaders dear to my heart,  just starting out and in their first winter in Michigan.  As I am exploring All Things E.Zimmerman these days,   I’m  considering a new style I haven’t yet tried.

I’m looking at this design . . .

I find seamless to be the most ‘ seemly ‘ in appearance, and well, I can’t afford to fuss about with anything else when I need speed and volume to be in my favor.  My itinerary is to finish up nieces sweaters this month,  then start right in on two of these in  ‘ Hers & His ‘ style.

Elizabth Z.  ~  I’m counting on you .

7 thoughts on “Seemly & Seamless

    • Oh really? Morrie, I thought you had ! In fact, I was going to contact you about this soon, and ask advice! I thought your grand-daughter’s sweater last Autumn was this kind of hybrid… oh… what do I know ! Yes ! Lets Knit-A-Long together ! 🙂

      (( I’ve nay done a knit-a-long , but always wanted to know why they’re so popular. Is it just knitting something at the same time and checking each others’ progress? ))

  1. You are tempting me too. Is it just the push I need to get on with something? I have the book – but who to knit it for? – my man likes fine sweaters, nothing thick and bulky.

    I just think it looks so classy.

    • Lizzi, you want to knit along with Morrie and me? So, it’s a percentage system sweater, right? Meaning you can knit up as fine as you like …just the perfect pattern I think for a gentleman’s dress sweater. DK weight? Sport???? It is classy, and though I have decided to knit my two-at-once sweaters for farmers out of a kind of rugged worsted weight tweed (maybe even on one huge needle… for fun, maybe not) , I think Morrie wants to knit one for her grand-daughter. I still have to finish knitting my niece’s Autumn Sweaters. I have lots of knitting to get done in a hurry 🙂 I sure hope you jump in. Email me if you’d like to discuss options? It’d be terrific if the three of us went through all that very crazy decreasing together !

  2. I’ve been just reading the block for a while and I really enjoy it a lot. I’m a German knitter and spinner and my dear husband just asked for a sweater out of my homespun (which I still have to spin of course), nothing girlish, meaning no cables, no patterns at all. So I would be more than happy to join the adventure and knit along with you. Enjoy your weekend,

    • Hello Silke, vie geht es innen? 🙂 (Really, I don’t know German well). Well nice to meet you and I think its great you’d like to join in. What is this.. a real KAL (knit a long)??? I don’t even know how to do a knit along, but hoping we just hang out and knit and share progress I suppose. Be seeing you more then? 🙂

  3. Well – I am in but only if it can wait a while. I have so many projects to do – if we set a date in the future we could organise ourselves to be ready.

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