Summer’s End

Near the Autumnal Equinox and I am (still) swimming in a woodsy sea of  golden green of moss tips, of blueish green of Madrone leaves, and of greyish green hues of Douglas Fir. Two sleeves and a body, ready to be joined together at the yoke, after having the requisitionary knitting-over of the sleeves.

I admit, I’ve put down my knitting since last week, (nieces visit among other things) and now as consquence, am a hurried knitter. Bother. But I will try not to lose the Be-Here-Now-ness enjoyment and go rushing it.  No rushing allowed ! It’s still scorching hot in Northern California, so I’m almost certain my nieces won’t be dissappointed to wait until first weekend in October before our Autumnal Sweater Photo Shoot.  Still, I’d like to have them finished, or near finished, on the actual equinox, as a matter of personal satisfaction . . .  and by the way, the astrological event of the equinox proper is at 10:2 8a.m. on September 22 this year.

*    *    *

However, in the last couple of weeks I have made one of my regular visits to my favorite local thrift shop, and was so lucky to hit Half-Off Day !!!  Scored another …um…. antique wooden hanger.

:: claps wildly , squeals with delight ::

(Yes, it was only twenty five cents.)

And you know what?  It is the first I’ve found yet, which is a second of a brand name cleaners/dyers. This is my collection, do you see the other , among these  ? This is cause for celebration? You think? Maybe not, but …

I am elated and very proud to show you a rarer kind of find . . .

. . . which was undeniably a colossal deal !

Three dollars and seventy five cents.

Well, and since I have found a few stunning hand-made quilts at thrift shops recently , I felt rather greedy for this one.  After I washed it and dried it out on the line in the mountain air…

I gave it to my sister-in-law.  And happily !

(Yes, she loves it.)

11 thoughts on “Summer’s End

  1. That was the bargain of the year – well done!

    (It even beats my daughter’s all time record of a bag of scallops for a penny).:-)

    • Yes, my sister-in-law and brother and nieces have a farmy house, so it is a perfect match. Oh, am I going to see you at Karla’s for spinning on the 30th ?

  2. The greens in your knitting are pretty, I love green. And the hanger collection I can understand too, I love to find those and use them. The quilt is a real treasure, I’ve not found one myself in thrift shops, but I do collect wool blankets from the same and at estate sales. I love to find fiber things! And you have me beat at the prices, which is half the fun! Your sister in law is a lucky recipient of a beautiful quilt.

    • Yes Martha, the fun is finding the bargain ! When in a thrift shop, I always look for wool skirts (particularly worsted wool skirts), linen shirts (particularly Irish linen), mens tweed jackets (hoping to find another Harris Tweed), sweaters (I will be so happy when I find some real quality yarn that I can have for dollars by unravelling a large size), craft supplies (old and vintage in particular) blankets and linens , and last but not least, the hangers ! 😉

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