Knitting Daily Tv !!!

I have discovered the greatest entertainment that I can have while knitting, and which is oh so educational, and oh so free ! Its Knitting Daily Tv !!! If Eunny Jang can’t teach me how to turn short-rows and steeking from my laptop, while knitting away the monotonous yards of yarn, I just don’t want to know. ((I  really don’t want to be mean or sound grumpy, but tedious, fussy, and downright bad tutorials on YouTube, which have over-populated the free media, have made me a little too ready to hit something ! )) Eunny Jang delivers as a pro ~ fast, articulate, effective, and very tastefully I might add. I’m a real fan, and to share with you from my newly discovered treasure trove, I’ve posted a couple videos for you to enjoy as I have :

Here’s a gem of a video on different ways of doing short rows.

One very good tutorial about ways of steeking for color work…

10 thoughts on “Knitting Daily Tv !!!

  1. Love that bobby pin short row trick. I’d learned the yarn over one and that seemed to work quite well for me, but that bobby pin one is the best. I’m going to have to try this now. I wonder how it would work on short row socks?

    • Lizzi, why would you want to use Scots words when you live in Scotland. 😉 There are so many ‘Californianese’ phrases I wouldn’t be caught dead saying (‘stoater’ probably is that way for you huh?) Anyway, yes, MrCampbell Scot taught me a few, and more *how* to construct the sentences. Then again, there’s the patter, there’s braids scot (what he speaks I think) , then the numberous other accents, such as my ancestors from Aberdeenshire. Your Borders Country must have it’s own Scots dialect , which I’ll enjoy the day I get to listen to you speak. 🙂

  2. Ah – you won’t hear that from me – I live in the Borders but am not from here so my accent is more Edinburgh. Braid Scots? I can do that! Learned it from my Granny.

    The Doric -from the Aberdeen area. is a hard one to tune into but once you are ‘in’ it’s quite fascinating – like a different language

    “Fit like the day, Quinie?’ = How are you today, Lass?

    Don’t you just love it?

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