Morning Walk & Knit

I’m going to go for a Walk & Knit , down this old logging road, as soon as I post this. Out my door, down this road, navigating over uneven rocky sections in road as I amble along,

… while  k n i t t i n g  ! ! !

Yes folks, this is my new habit that I am giddy about.  I’ve done it a few times already, and everytime out the door it seems I think ” I should have my knitting “.  Some habits take a while to form. So this morning is my official ritual beginning of a Morning Knit & Walk and I’ll post photos of the scenery occasionally here on Yarnings.   Odd? Well, not really, as I walk this road almost daily, as I do knit almost everyday too. I’m very excited to make something official of this, because it will not only ensure I walk more, longer even perhaps (in the case where I am anxious to get back home and do hand work ),   it will certainly help me accomplish more knitting, even if done at a slower pace  (but only slightly slower pace). Well, I am going to have to make myself a proper knitting pouch, something like an apron with a big double pocket (in case I am doing color work and I need to keep yarn balls separate) … perhaps I will zip together upon my return.

Actually, I noticed in my blog specs data, that it has been visited a couple of times on this post , and also noticed search terms ” knitting while walking ” and so I decided to investigate. I searched the same phrase, and I am surprised to find a many fellow Knitter Walkers out there in the world wide web, and also some material to be learned on the subject,  such as various  ‘knitting walking bags’ to be made or purchased !  I kid you not !!!  Is this nothing short of a revisitation to the old traditions of women like these, in this very popular photo of Shetland Peat Carriers of Olden Days ?

Hardy women knitting away while collecting peat for fuel , trying to eek out a living !

(I’ve wondered for some time, is that a big sheep ram off to the left, up the road???)  Well, I’ve got a tweed pullover I just cast on last night, so here I go, on with my hiking shoes, and one of my kitchen aprons will have to suffice for now !

*    *    *

Upon my return :  I have gotten out the door and walked the back roads near my house without having to tie on my kitchen apron, because I found one of Emma’s old treat pouches which clip on served excellently to hold the yarn.  There are areas where Emma must be on leash,  and the yarn kept getting caught into the retractable leash line  … funny… so I devised a technique to pull out enough yarn for about a row, and wrap it around my arm a few times,  unwinding as I knit.  It worked fine, no mistakes,  I didn’t trip, and I worked up a sweat !

11 thoughts on “Morning Walk & Knit

  1. I haven’t attempted walking and knitting, but it sounds like fun! I’ll have to try that next time I take a good, long walk. I hope you enjoyed yours! Fall is in the air.

    • Thank you Martha, and well, I must still be careful. Not really the smartest thing to go on about, watch me show up with a black eye from tripping. Autumn in the North Bay of California is hot and dry, but cooling in the mornings a little, and the leaves of the Big Leaf Maple are beginning to fall. I’ll take photos .

    • Right, well, let me tell you… this morning I got the yarn retracted in with the leash a few times before I figured how to keep it out of the way…lol. And when I dropped the ball o’ yarn and picked it up with leaf duff and dirt all over it, I thought … ” hmmm… can’t see it… it’s camouflaged in the tweed ! I guess that tweed must resemble one dragging their knitting along the ground , and rolling up with junk from the floor … lol 🙂

  2. I definitely want/plan to walk and knit! I practically include knitting in everything else I do so why not this? The question I have is … what were you knitting? ; )

    • I should have made a disclosure ” Do Not Attempt knitting while opperating machinery ! ” lol. Well, I am starting two tweed pullovers, a His & Hers and going to try EZ’s Hybrid Seamless Pullover ! I hope I don’t regret this.

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