Autumn Sweater Success !!!

(  Autumn Sweaters 2011 in same location click here  )

My nieces in their new Autumn Sweaters.  We photographed in the same colorful Calistoga nooks we seek out each time we do the Equinox Sweaters.  In front of Calistoga Coffee Roastery, in front of the mint-green building on the corner of Lincoln and Washington streets, against the terra-cotta painted wall outside Brannon’s restaurant, and the best, the most amazing painted mural in the alley across  Lincoln from the coffee roastery ! These places just never get old, and they will be the back drop every time we photograph the Equinox Sweaters.

” Happiness is a new sweater knit especially for me ! “

Sweater success !

Luckily they fit, and luckily the yarn which I over-dyed became colors they both approved of !  Oh, and can you believe we were having a major heat wave of the Indian Summer?  I wanted to get the pictures taken before it got too hot,  and the unrelenting sun was bleaching bright, and nipping at our heels the whole way. . .

Autumn Sweaters 2012

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And now, for a slideshow of the fun sweater frolick we had in Calistoga . . .

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Knitting details about sweaters are posted over on Ravelry here.

13 thoughts on “Autumn Sweater Success !!!

  1. Ooooooh those are luscious. Those colors are good enough to eat! Your nieces look very nice and cute in their new sweaters. Love those colors!

    • Thanks Anne, yes, they’ve really sprouted this spring & summer! However, I still think I made the oldest niece’s sweater a little on the roomy side, and the youngest niece’s not much room to grow in, but very nice of each of them to say they liked them just as they were.

    • Thanks Morrie ! Later I will write up my review of the EPS decreased yoke vs. the one in Ann Budd. I did the strict EPS on the Berry Smoothie (notice the over-fullness in the yoke? Not sure I’ll do that yoke decrease again.
      On the green one “Woodsy” I like much better, I had to re-do the cuffs, and neck size because , duh, EPS is for adults not kids, and well, also I followed similar to how I have been decreasing on the kid’s sweaters (AnnBudd seamless yoke decreases for child) but did modifications on that too. So there’s an example of each. Sort of.
      Unfortunately, I did not keep good clear notes to learn from the time I wasted to rip out , only crazy scribbles on evelopes and backs of other papers… that kind of note-taking is really haphazard and I need to quit that habit ! :).

  2. I love the colors of the sweaters you’ve made for your nieces, what lucky girls! And they all fit so perfectly, even for growing kids! I’m enjoying reading your blog. You are so good with color!

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