Knit Again

I am knitting, ripping, and knitting over (and over) the section of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s  Hybrid Shirt-Yoke Seamless Sweater variation.  The problem is not following the delightfully written instructions for it,  in  “Knitting Without Tears” (and which I talk about briefly in this post ) , but in my usual improvisation of the design , as one of the homesteaders asked for his to have a v-neck. The sweater design of the hybrid shirt yoke sweater of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s actually has a particular neck opening which results from the particular shirt yoke style, and it is not v-shaped in the least. So I have to figure out how to do it.  Wingin’ it again.  Never not improvising, which is exhilarating, but stressful .

Rip, rip , rip, knit again. Repeat.

I know eventually I will get it right, even though I seem to be losing confidence rather than gaining insight.  Jeff seems to be surprised to hear as he comes through the door home from work, that again I’ve ripped back.  ” No… not again ! ”

To him, my knitting must look like this … 
Two steps forward, and one step back.

But to me it feels like this

So I continue to knit & rip, and knit again…because I do know that only by doing this can I get ahead of the learning curve. Only by doing this an insane amount of times, can I truly understand how this all works…. even though at times I feel like a brainless knitting machine.

Oh hey !!!  “Knit Again”  brings something to mind I want to share. It occurred to me in my predicament to ~ finally ~ watch the foreign film that is all about this insane act of knitting and ripping, and knitting again.  “Wool 100% ”  by Mai Tominaga.  This film grasps it truly !  A very abstract film, and a bit nightmarish in imagery, but clean enough.  I highly recommend it for all foreign film loving knitters .

12 thoughts on “Knit Again

  1. On pg 137 of Knitting Around EZ shows a Kangaroo Pouch technique for lowering the front of the neck. In this particular sweater though she is making the front square, however I have made her Cabled Shawl Collared Vest with the Kangaroo pouch to create a V in the front. I’ll look through my EZ books and see if there are more detailed instructions in one of them. But you make the same pouch and decrease on either side of it. Then when you open up the pouch it becomes a nice neat little “V”. Here’s a link to one of her little patterns with the V treatment:

    • Oh Morrie, thank you , thank you , thank you . I should know better than to complain about the knitting, because you’ll go through acrobatics to save me. 🙂 First v-neck I followed the dec 1 row and knit 2, as the sleeve/body raglan decreases are, but I didn’t have enough angle, so I ripped back and started lower a second time decreasing every other row on the neck (while the ‘raglan’ decreases are dec 1 row out of 3). I think this will give me enough width… we’ll see. I surely will check out the helpful free instructions you have provided in the comment. Lets hope I don’t need to use them. 😉

      • I must say that I don’t know that I’ve seen a yoke sweater and a V neck in the same pattern. I’m looking now. I think they are often with a set in sleeve or maybe even with a raglan style decrease method. One thing to imagine is how many rows you are getting to the inch and that if you decrease every other row how many inches will it take for you to reach your goal # of sts? Then if every other row is too soon, change the decreases to more according to row gauge.

        • Replying to myself, because I’m making a correction here. I see that you are not doing a yoke decrease sweater but rather the Hybrid, which does the decreases along a specified line. The kangaroo pouch design should work quite well for the V neck. Make a swatch and knit up a KPouch and try it out. This is the only way to know in advance as steeking is required :).

          • Yeah, I’m steeking it ! 😉 Not sure if I’m really doing a K-pouch… but the traditional steeking all the same… I took a random point to start on center stitch, put it on a stitch-holder, then cast-on 3 steek stitches and am decreasing K2tog, K1, Psteek stitches, K1, SSK…. every other row.

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