The Genius of Elizabeth Zimmermann

Here is Michigan Winter ‘Hers’ in the home stretch, about to be washed & blocked.

Just look at that lovely switching of direction of the grain in the knitted fabric !  All knitted in, seamlessly, and very tidy.  Isnt’ it just so exquisitely clever ? Just wonderful is the Elizabeth Zimmermann Shirt Yoke seamless sweater design ! I have done things a bit differently overall, but stayed true through the shirted yoke section at least, because that is the element of design I’ve wanted to learn. And learn I did. And I love, love, love the EZ Seamless Shirt Yoke !!!!

Am finishing off the neck with something different for me, as edge for a K2/P2 rib, I’m trying a 2-stitch i-cord bind-off ! Yes, the highly esteemed and beloved Elizabeth Zimmermann  ~ Mother of Modern Knitting ~ is responsible for this knit-trick of the “i-cord” , and brought it into the limelight with so many of her designs, as applied, cast-on, bind-off, and anything in between. I don’t know why people just don’t refer to it as the ‘ EZ cord’ , or even the E-cord (for Elizabeth). I think I shall for fun. (call it the e-cord). I’m going to just ‘toss one on’ each of these neck finishes as a bit of an afterthought,  because quite frankly… Everybody’s Doing It !

  * *    * *    * *

Edit in :  Both His & Hers sweaters are all done, washed, blocked. Need to just sew on the “hand-knit by Jennifer” labels,  photograph & post final pictures of them…. then send them off to Mr & Mrs  Homesteaders in Michigan.  Yay… done & dusted !  I am off for a celebratory walk in the cold post-rainy mossy green woods, and I’ll be bringing my knitting of course.   C’mon Emma, lets go stir up them giant salamanders !

8 thoughts on “The Genius of Elizabeth Zimmermann

  1. Well, you don’t let the grass grow – even as you walk and knit! You have rattled these up – i can’t wait to see the other one.

    I agree about the i-cord e-cord or whatever you want to call it – it takes a bit longer but it gives such a fine finish. I (and many others) did it on the ‘Colour Affection’ shawl – it was a long haul as there were so many stitches at the end but it gave such a professional finish. ‘And we are nothing if not professional, darling’.

    • Oh Lizzi, the grass grows too while I walk and knit 😉 In fact, in California, it is only now just sprouting ! I am glad you agree about the fine finish of the ‘e-cord’ but you know, I think that a 2-stitch bind-off, though a finer bead finish, isn’t as elastic. I tend to not like the big bulky finish of a 2/2 rib at the neck…so the e-cord just is perfect !

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