Twittermits !

jenjoycedesign©fingerless-mits (2)
Here is another pair of fingerless mits knit up for Christmas !


The misty color combo is lavender and grey, a soft wintery colorway for one who has been very good and hoping for her first and very own iphone from Santa in a week, and from whom I’ll anticipate a lot of action on the Twittery front.

Look here, can you even see where the pin-stripes join?

A little tug at the switching of colors is all it took, and there it is… jogless !

I am dizzy from pin-stripes !!! Will there be no stopping me? Will I be pin-striping at Christmas eve into the wee hours of the night?  Will I bridge Christmas with the New Year doing nothing but more, more, more pin-striped fingerless mits , rationalizing still another recipient who might need a pair? There’s no way to really know, but to watch this space as they say.

Details on Ravelry here

8 thoughts on “Twittermits !

    • Hi Debbie !!! Thank you so much, I’m lucky you know, to have people who will accept my knitting gifts 😉 . I am really looking forward to having the 3 spinners up to my house by the way, hopefully in early January, when Susan is available. Happy Christmas to you !

  1. Yes, Jen, you are lucky that you have willing recipients. I am such a yarn snob but my recipients would need a label as to how to machine wash anything that I knit them – these are lovely mitts that anyone would be proud to own.

    • I whole-heartedly agree about ‘care of garment’ and all.. but so far, the only recipients of garments I’ve made is for my nieces and I just buy the superwash Merino wool… no fuss ! But yeah, when I start making seriously nice yarn garments, I’ll have to consider such a label.

  2. I love these mitts! Fingerless gloves. These and the parfait ones too! They look addictive and I know if I start a pair, I’ll start many a pair and not get anything else done! Its that time of year, when I start going mad with knitting. I love these stripes. They are so cute, darling. I would love a pair 🙂 lol.

    • Hmmm…. maybe I ought to do a give-away 😉 Martha, thank you for your praise, they are addictive becaue they’re so easy to make ; just a tube with a thumb gusset and ribbing ! 🙂

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