Mit Mania


Another  two pairs of pin-striped fingerless mits !

Aren’t they lovely ?


These are for  Molly & Maya, belated xmas presents.

For some reason, I can’t capture the colors very well with the camera .

These are a  medium greyish slate blue with marine blue stripes . . .

And these are a deep plum with royal purple stripes . . .

I think that five pairs of pin-striped fingerless mits are enough for me for a time, but since I knit them all almost entirely while walking the mountain, I’m not sure if I might not cast on for another pair .  I mean, I fear I might trip without something to knit !


But for now I’m going down off the mountain into town to ship these mits in the mail, and then feel my feathers fluff up with a sense of satisfaction of a job done ! I find it difficult to believe that all the Christmas knitting is behind me now. I went for my walk this morning , and,  nothing to knit while walking along !  It was surreal.

21 thoughts on “Mit Mania

    • Thanks Martha. You COULD !!! You could knit and walk ! I recommend straight stocking stitch and easy flat surface to begin, Oreo will love it !

  1. I love these, and that you knit them whilst walking is a wonder to me…I cannot walk and chew gum (seriously, I am a klutz) so it amazes me what some people can accomplish! Beautiful!

    • Thanks Kelly. Well, everything is relative to practice. When I first started out , after seeing photos of the old-world Shetland women knitting while collecting peet in huge creels , while walking , I thought ” I can do this, and I’m not even planning on carrying peet ! ” Perhaps I ought to collect fire kindling in the woods instead? 😉

  2. I envy your lifestyle – I would have to get in the car and drive to somewhere so that I could be on my own. My usual walks are too busy with other folk – and that would just confirm what they are already thinking. (eccentric old woman).

    We go for a walk in the woods (drive first) to collect pine cones – we fill up a couple of big bags and let them dry out and use them for kindling the wood burner.

    I think your mitts are lovely. All your colours recently have been very jewel-like and complementary. I think you could put any of your recent knits together and they would all look great.

    • Lizzi, there are plus’s and drawbacks to backcountry life. Try having to go out to the woodpile at 5am in the dark to get wood to build a fire , before you’re awake enough to even yawn ! 😉 I think that your collecting cones is fascinating, just like those women in Shetland collecting peat. By the way, you’ll be seeing another pair of mits in this space soon 🙂

      • And I just want to mention here in this space how much I’m enjoying the book you sent of Kate’s “Colours of Shetland” !!! You have it too, I assume. Shall we each/both do a C.O.S. knit-a-long ??? 🙂

        • There’s a challenge! i need to finish some other stuff first and then we will do it!

          I love ‘Scatness’. What is your favourite?

          Regarding living in the country – I know too well what it is like – apart from a spell in town of about 5 years I have always lived in the country. I now live in a small town and can access the country fairly quickly. We have lived here for about 6 years and it is great but if I had a choice I would definitely be back in the middle of nowhere!

          • Yes, the Scatness , by far, is my favorite, with the Northmavine set being my second choice. Are you considering the quicker knit of the tam, or the tunic? I’d kind of like to try the tunic , as the shaping is something I’d like to learn from (lower neckline, and a-line shaping). I will make another post just for the C.O.S. knit-along you and I will partake in. 🙂 How’s that sound?

            I bet the ‘Middle of Nowhere’ that you lived is far more isolated than where I live now. One gets the feeling of back country here, but we’re only about 10 miles from the nearest store.. and 13 from ‘downtown.

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