I took a dive into my stash of Scottish yarns .

Virtual Yarns, Jamiesons Spindrift and Elemental Effects !

A bit like a wild fox diving nose first into the snow

after a mouse in a wintery landscape !


. . . and up I came, with these three skeins !

“Mountain Hare”, “Red Deer” , and “Sun Dew”

of the Hebridean 2-ply from Virtual Yarns.


 A little thicker & fluffier than Jamiesons.  I mean to refine things a little , from DK to Fingering,  from Superwash to Virtual Yarns… all of a mitty sort of persuasion.

17 thoughts on “Refining

    • They are lovely . Actually Debbie, I don’t think my ‘stash’ is that much (though Jeff would think differently). 🙂 Just have a few nice yarns to sketch with… I bought a sample colorway of Moor & Mtn from Virtual Yarns a ways back…

  1. Virtual yarns are lovely aren’t they? I have sundew and pebble beach colourways and the photo’s on the virtual yarns website don’t do them justice. They are beautiful close up. Looking forward to seeing what you create!

    • Kelly, wow, to think that Virtual Yarns is about a stone’s throw from you . I am so jealous. Do you go to the Isles and yarn shop ever ? One day I may just have to stay in that spare room of yours ! 🙂

      • There’s a nice yarn shop in Stornoway that sells some lovely stuff, Rowan etc. There’s some nice yarn shops too in Orkney but I’ve not been inside them. I don’t think virtual yarns have a shop, I think everything is done online. I wish they did though. I’m a huge fan of Alice Starmore. I think she’s a genius. I have 4 of her books and I love looking through the pictures. I’ve been to Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis a few times as my Gran was from there and I still have family there. I’ve been to Orkney too through work a couple of times. Here’s a bit of useless trivia for you! Did you know Donald Trump’s Mum was called Mary MacLeod and was originally from the Isle of Lewis? I secretly hope I’m related to him! 😉
        You would be more than welcome to use my spare room. The good thing about Inverness is it’s pretty central. It’s an hours drive to Ullapool where you’d get the ferry to Stornoway or an hour and a half to Fort William. I’m 20 minutes from Loch Ness but yet have to see Nessie! 😉

        • Miss McLeod, I am a major Starmore fan … (collect her books when I find them at affordable prices !) …. and lucky you, get to go to Stornoway any time you like !!! Keep in mind I will crash your party one day 🙂

    • Carol !!! Hi ! 🙂 Hey, I’m right now writing a pattern for mitts with this finer yarn, Virtual Yarns are slightly thicker and fluffier (nicer) than any other Shetland Yarn I’ve seen. If you sit tight, I’ll have another (free) pattern for you ! 🙂

  2. So artistic, with the photo of the fox jumping into a hole. And the yarns, so pretty. I’m not familiar with Virtual Yarns, but will become so! Something new for me to look into. Seems like you’re getting into some fun again.

    • Hi Martha !!! Oh yes, deciding to go for the really beautiful yarns for my next project. I only will use my Virtual Yarns for very special projects, and I admit , the one I’m working on now, really does have that special Alice Starmore sparkle to it. Its in the yarn !!!

      Its like this: one cant’ cook really good food without really good ingredients. Well, one can’t knit really beautiful things without really beautiful yarn ! 🙂

  3. Oh, such lovely colours! You’ve combined them beautifully… I look forward to seeing what they become. I’ve been saving my pennies and creating some room in my stash for some Starmore yarns and this year might be the year 😉 thanks for the inspiration!

    • Jules ! I love the Virtual Yarn’s Hebridean 2ply, but it is a little thicker than say… Jaimison & Smith or Jamieson Spindrift (both yarn companies which I adore by the way). The VY is just a notch nicer, I can’t describe why I think so, maybe because it’s a little fluffier spun, there’s a little more room to see more depth of the heathered colors.I just ordered more colors the other day ! Thanks for peeking in, nice to meet you.

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