Vernal Equinox

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Today is the Vernal Equinox, and  (pin-striped grey & purple) Spring Tee One is finished!

See how sheer it is when hanging in a light window? This is fingering weight ‘sock yarn’ knit up with size #6 needles, for a light , almost lacey feel (but thinking maybe I should have used #7’s).   I am elated to say that the yarn for Spring Tee Two came in today, so I can finish in time for the photo shoot with my nieces on Sunday !  Soon I will show them off in detail , but for this post  ~ just a silhouette.

jenjoycedesign©spring-tee (1)

26 thoughts on “Vernal Equinox

    • Oh yes, thanks !!! I always make these sweaters for my two nieces in pairs, and this is only the first. They will be presented very soon, in unison, as the finished pair. Watch this space ! 🙂

  1. OOOooo! Are you going to do the next T with #7 needles. I REALLY want to see that. What do you think if I did something like that in soft white alpaca? Too soft?

  2. I really love this sweater and it’s a great idea. What sock yarn is this? I think that my gauge with a bigger needle would have to be only a six because I knit so loosely. How many skeins (I see that you are using two colors) do you think? I have two skeins of red smooshy so that would be 800 yards…hummmm.

    • Hi Carol ! These are very smooshy and cashmerey soft. Okay…. here I go : I used Knit Picks “Stroll” (231 yds per ball) in fingering weight, two colors, and size #6 needles, in a size 32 and 28. I had left over yarn from socks for these , and I guess I used for the 32 about 1.25 balls of each color. For the 28, I got away with 1 ball each color… that is, until I ran out and had to order another in the main color to finish ribbing … so again, safe to say 1.25 each color. I’m thinking for an adult …. be safe with two full balls each color. Shall I write it out in a pattern for you ? 🙂

      • Oh please and thank you! You are such a sweet heart to do this. I also have some stroll yarn and an 11 year old granddaughter maybe I should make one for her!

        • Carol, it shouldn’t be too big of a deal, I just need to proof-read the notes I took as I knit them up, and send off to you. You can be a test-knitter once again if you like, I’d really appreciate it, though I was not considering offering it as a pattern, maybe then, I will ! I’ll email it to you today, but first, if you could just please give me her chest measurement, I’ll tweak the numbers to work for her. 🙂

        • ps… and I’m about to run out of yarn again… best to say for this sweater tee, even for a child’s size 28, two balls in each color, if you’re buying new yarn. If you have some laying around, I’d say 1.25 balls of each color would do the trick.

  3. Absolutely, positively lovely! And, I have two other things to add: love your new banner–the wool balls on the needle is genius! That, and in the previous post to this one? I’m a little envious of all the wee blooms and greenery…it’s still snowing here…and Emma with the stick in her mouth is a great portrait!

    • Thanks so much Tamara ! Hey, it occur’d to me to do ‘seasonal’ photos of yarn… and switch out my banner for the season ! This one I had , but it is the perfect SPRING banner I think. Don’t be envious of the countryside’s flowers… just because spring happens early here doesn’t make the dry arid desert-like environs any more pleasurable in the summer ! 🙂

      • I have to chime in and agree. Its gorgeous yes, we live in a very beautiful place, but summer is a long tension filled stretch. Everyone vigilant for the slightest sign of fire. I’m crossing my fingers for more rain in April…

  4. Lucky nieces, I love that tee. Pretty color and wonderful for spring. I like that design, its really cute. I’ll be watching this space for both tees to be presented here!

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