Sair Heidies

I’ve been posting a flurry of things last two days, this being my second post of the day ! In a post about a package from yesterday I mention some new cookbooks, and a recipe I wanted to try, particularly today, since it’s Easter Sunday. Well, here is my first attempt at making ‘sair heidies’meaning ~~ ‘sore heads’ ~~ which are absolutely darling little cakes inside parchment with broken aspirin-looking sugar cubes imbedded on top (thus the sore head, needing aspirin?) . . . and then tied with kitchen twine. I had neither sugar cubes, kitchen twine,  nor proper baking rings… so I improvised, as I do everything.

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I wish you all were here with me to enjoy a couple of these with tea right about now, because they are absolutely delicious and hitting the spot !!!  Kelly, I thank you again for giving me this creative opportunity in the kitchen, and I look forward to experimenting lots more with authentic Scottish cooking ! 🙂

Edit in ~~ Now all of you may try making them if you like, as I’m posting the recipe from the book , via photos !
002 (2)003

004 (2)
Helpful Note : I did not have sugar cubes, so I cooked a little sugar in a pan, and then tossed the goo with some more sugar and made ‘lumps’. I recommend doing the real thing, and buying sugar cubes (so they can look like broken aspirin too). Also, I did not have ‘self-rising flour’ so I added 1tsp baking powder and 1/2 tsp baking soda to the flour, worked well !

13 thoughts on “Sair Heidies

        • Thanks! I might just give them a go! They look a lot bigger in the book. I thought they were the size of a Victoria sponge, and when you said you had two I was thinking you’ll end up the size of a bus! I didn’t realise they were muffin sized so that’s perfectly ok. 😀

          • Actually Kelly, the rings are what are suggested, however I made one recipe and it filled 6 cups enough to rise . So they must be small baking rings, the size of muffin tins. Also , I dinnae bother to do the sides a ‘strip’ of parchment, as you can see, I just did a whole liner thing. Oh but they were good… by the end of the day I’d eaten THREE ! 🙂 Love’d ’em . All gone now though, Jeff and I polished them off. 🙂

  1. I want one too! They look scrumptious. Enjoyed the slideshow, and oh, would love to make those and enjoy those! Perfect Easter treats.

    • There’s two left Martha… come have one ! Hey, so yeah, didn’t do color’d eggs,so I kind of did the color’d yarn instead, in easter egg dye tones. 🙂 By the way… I just added the recipe to the post.

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