Join in my Mitt Fiesta !

I have been blessed with a bunch of really helpful & friendly knitters to knit my two new patterns :

Jenjoyce’s Pin-Striped Fingerless Mitts 

Tartan & Tweed Fair Isle Fingerless Mitts

I would like to acknowledge all those involved in refining my first patterns, by throwing a bit of a fiesta!  I will be simply making a gallery page &  video slideshow of all photos , in process, finished, artfully modelled or otherwise, just any photo anybody sent to me with their mitt project.

If you have not yet, please email me your latest photos ~~ finished or unfinished ~~ to jenjoycedesign AT gmail DOT com or my other email address many of you have already by ~~  Monday April 8 ~~  so that I may include your project(s) in my little Mitt Fiesta Slideshow & Gallery !

* * *

I’ve been busy lately with some knitting deadlines, but in between moments of ‘deadline’ equinox tees & birthday knitting, I have finished off a couple more mitts, testing the size ranges.  My Pin-Striped Fingerless Mitts were written ‘one-size’ with suggestions to use smaller/bigger yarn and needles to achieve different sizes .  I’ve since discovered Mini Mitts for a small child are achieved well  with  sock fingering yarn and size US#0 needles , shown here in blue next to the 7″ prototype mitt knit with Superwash DK yarn on size US#3 needles  ~~~

 Now I’ve got evidence that the pattern made with worsted weight wool and size US#5 needles, knit up nicely to a large-size  mitt.  I’ve made a pair !

Here they are, and they have been already sent off  to Argentina where they are in the onset of the Autumn season, and my professor friend Alejandro can work his equations in his frigid cold study now, wearing  ” professor mitts ” . . .


Here they are in contrast to my original one-size 7″ circumference mitt prototype…


I blundered badly and FAILED to measure them before sending them off to Alejandro, and he won’t be getting them for weeks .  I’d say that they are a good deal bigger in circumference and all around ‘bigger’ knit up with worsted weight yarn. They fit Jeff, who’s got big hands.


Both of these mitts were knit up with Knit Picks Superwash Merino “Swish” and are oh-so-soft.

((note of the mini-mitt, and this larger test-knit will be made soon on pattern page))

*   *   *

So that’s business I just wanted to get out of the way so I can get on with my frivolous projects at hand , and post in continueing flurry of excitement.  I’ve got quite a few new ideas bursting out of my head !

One thought on “Join in my Mitt Fiesta !

  1. Izza workin on my second mitt of my second pair of my fingerless pin stripes. Finished my Overblouse so now I can dedicate to these and the T&T other mitt as well. BTW, do you know if they are suffering the drought in Argentina similar to that in Northern Brazil?

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