A Balmoral Style Bonnet

This is a Balmoral style bonnet style, nothing really unique about it. In fact, it’s not quite there, this is a design in progress.   Though by knitting it, I’ve experimented with shaping, improvised and learned how to ‘line’ a  band seamlessly by doing a provisional cast-on, improvised a horizontally ‘travelling’ i-cord (I honestly don’t know what to call it)…. and learned concentric decreases!!!  Oh what fun it’s been figuring all these things out.

I made a fast & flimsy toorie (pom pom) and popped it on it just for the photos. Overall, I’m wondering if the rim is a little too wide, and thinking it’s definitely a little on the floppy side (okay, a lot)… having done a deal of straying from a ‘written’ tam shaping. But, with this experiment I am striving for the classic Balmoral bonnet – slash – Tam O’ Shanter shape.

What do you think?

* * *

Details about project on Ravelry HERE

26 thoughts on “A Balmoral Style Bonnet

  1. Jen, I LOVE THIS HAT! (BONNET)! It’s just a wonder to me that you can work out all of the technicalities and pick the perfect colors and yarn and design-Wow!!! I love hats and will be first in line to make your pattern when its ready. I can’t wait to hear what all of the other surprises are-I’ll just keep knitting mitts and switch to hats when you’re ready. Soon right? ? (sigh.) Did I mention that I grew up thinking I was Scottish? I was adopted and only found out at age 54 that I was about 90% Irish! I was too old to change nationalities at that age so I stubbornly remain Scot in my affections.

    • Thank so much Carol, you shall knit this Scots Bonnet too then ! Let me get my act together with it, and you can be among the first to test-knit it if you like 🙂 I so appreciate your enthusiasm for this… I have such a fondness for All things Irish as well as Scottish…just the Celts in general , as they are ancient races and have fascinated me.

    • Thanks Jen ! Yeah, I think its suppose to be floppy… the classic Tam o’ Shanter look… a scots bonnet… just checking out everybody’s opinion on the matter 🙂

  2. Oh…it is lovely. How DO you do that? Make stuff up and have it so perfect on the first go? Serious envy going on here. 🙂 As for the rim, I think it might depend on the size of one’s head. It IS supposed to be floppy so it’s likely fine for most people. I feel like it would look to large on my tiny head…but I could be wrong. Regardless, it’s fantastic. Well done, you. xo

  3. Jen – Yet again you totally blew me away, how the heck did you do that? Everything is balanced nicely, the form, the colour, the shape, and even the floppyness, another one for the museum. It reminds me so much of the time I traveled around Scotland just longing for a hat like yours, thank you so much for the smiles, J.

    • Thank you so much John ! Well, this style is definitely inspired from Burn’s epic poem ” Tam o’ Shanter ” , as you know all about that one..perhaps I ought to keep the bonnet in my gig bag and toss it on me heid for when we play our Scot’s tunes !

  4. I looked up tam o shanter on the web and found some photos….yours is maybe a bit fuller on the top….so is a bit floppier…..but maybe you want a more stylized version? I’ll be interested to see what you are working towards if this was an experiment for ? Hmmmmm……

    • Anne, thank you for your perspective. By the way, unbeknownst to many, the ‘tam’ & ‘tammy’ are in derived from Robert Burn’s poem ” Tam O’ Shanter”. I will be posting about it soon ! 🙂

    • Carol, thanks for asking. I’m rather lame about getting into the yarns on the posts, don’t want to get overly technical but, I used Knit Picks “Wool Of The Andes” in sport weight, 4-ply, in the color ‘bramble heather’. (I seriously think this is the best , sturdiest & heirloom quality wool they have, in this weight & having 4 plies really makes it knit up smooth!)

      I *always* leave detailed information like that on my Ravelry page, needle sizes, and all, then usually link to the project on Ravelry’s projects at the bottom of my post , and also from the the project page to the blog post about it. But since this isnt ‘quite there yet’ more a peek… I guess I just lame forgot to link it . I have now , thanks !

      • Thank you! Since this was on your blog and not on ravelry I didn’t think to check it out there and then I see that there is a picture on the group page showing you wearing it and I even commented on it! Oh brother!

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