Mini Tee

In between knitting bonnets and planting a spring garden, I have been diligently slaving away like an ox on two more Spring Pin-Striped Sweater Tee’s, in fingering weight sock yarn,  in a size 34 and 32 for some big kids. (Jeff’s nieces who live in Vancouver, as we’re going to visit them in May.)   In addition to the original pair I made around the vernal equinox (first day of spring) for my nieces in 28 & 32,  I will say, that I am going dizzy with the little tiny stripes, miles of them, unending. I will be going for more long knit-walks in the next weeks to get these critters off the needles, because as of yet, I am only 1/3 along the way of the first... panic!  I am refining the instructions with this last two tee’s, so that I might hopefully have a pattern of some sort together in another few weeks (cross fingers) before summer.

But wait, that’s not it ! I never showed you this one, knit a few weeks ago. I had opportunity to quickly knit (read ; rabidly knitting for two days, ripping & knitting over, ripping & knitting over again) a wee tee for a darling wee girl.


Totally improvovised, ever so slightly bell-shaped, I couldn’t even say as to what I did, as I just needed it done, and made it in 2 days with some left-over sock yarn I had handy . . .

jenjoycedesign©mini-tee (2)

Here’s Mini Tee,

((event being a very recent Easter hunt))

on a Super Mini Model . . .


I was rather suprised that the colors worked !  How cheery and old-fashioned even !

 “Firecracker Red” and “Tranquil”

color combo really came together for us.


* * *

Project details on Ravelry HERE

17 thoughts on “Mini Tee

  1. That’s so cute. I love those colours. Your little model is beautiful! For some reason, red and green take me right back to Christmas time – my favourite time of year! How are you hen? X

    • Kelly hen, thank you…. I’m well, but knitting too much I’m afraid… 😉 The color in the mini tee is almost a blue… it’s a light seafoam green I suppose. So you’re a Christmas girl !

  2. Absolutely adore this…and the colour combo is perfect. It looks like a robin egg blue on my computer screen…and with the cherry red…it’s stunning. You are a talent to behold, my friend. xo

    • Right Anne… thats what I remember, those colors are a ‘vintage’ combination now. I’m not surprised to think your kitchen was done in those colors. Ours was probably too (actually, I remember avacado green and golden yellow or orange in our kitchen in the 60’s 😉

        • Believe it or not, since browsing on our blog, I’m now pattern hunting on Burda. I’ve never been on their on-line site, and I absolutely love it ! I have been in a sewing hibernation for a long long time , but really want… no … need to sew that skirt you have, yet it seems to have disappeared. No matter, I still love all the choices on Burda. So much in the style of Bohemian folk, absolutely love it !

  3. Cute!!!! Is that little Nora? She’s so adorable!!! And I love the sweater tee! OMG they are so CUTE together!!!!!!!!!!!!

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