Back From Thrift Shop

Today practice was called off, and I decided to just … what the heck… run into town and go to my favorite thrift shops. It has actually been quite a long while since I’ve been ! I managed to find this…. a steal … $5 for a ever-so-slightly moth-eaten Harris Tweed Jacket. I have ideas for it, though I’ll be taking scizzors to it eventually, to make something else from it (I drool for hand-woven tweed)… and of course…carefully remove and transport the label.

Then, there was the usual back room bin of hangers I always rifle through, looking for the old cleaner advertisement ones, and I found a bundle of seven for 50 cents, wherein there were three nice ones to add to my collection.  I’ve been doing this for quite a few years by the way,  collecting them for literally pennies, from the same shop. I actually only have two which are repeats of the same  cleaners !  You can see some of  here , one of my quirky collections I might say… note 4 digit phone numbers !

20 thoughts on “Back From Thrift Shop

    • Hi Jen… you won’t believe this, but as I was pulling into CP, I thought ‘if I find any of those wooden hangers with ads on them, I’m giving them to you . So… these are actually YOURS ! 🙂

    • Nae Hen, I wasn’t in Sonoma, but at our local Community Projects , down town. YOu bet that when I get over to the Churchmouse, then tea must follow ! 🙂

    • Lizzi ! I have decided to make myself a few belts with the tweed… simple wide , slightly shaped, with button closures (I found a pretty pair of brass ornamental buttons at the thrift shop. Just for gigs and such. I’ll get going on it soon hopefully, can you come over and coax me ? 🙂

        • I am keen to see how you do your belt. I saw a lady wearing a belt recently in Harris Tweed. It was made of different tweeds and she wore it with a fine wool sweater and a little tweed skirt. Nice boots and thick tights. She looked amazing. She wasn’t thin and she wasn’t young but my goodness she had style.

          • Well, you just described a lovely style ! I may over-dye too. I’ve decided no visible thread work for the button holes, that I must learn and practice ‘bound’ button holes for these ! I wonder if I’m just making it too complex. I once did a bound buttonhole and thought it the cleverest invention in the world. THat was a long time ago. lol

            Okay, that’s it then, I’ll put the kettle on , and you and I can take our scizzors to my stash of ol’ thrift shop tweed jackets and tartan kilts, a stash that has waited to be useful for two years now !

    • Yes Brighid… it is a lucky find, and though I’ve sworn off of buying men’s tweed jackets when I go to the thrift shops, (I collected quite a few about two years ago) I couldn’t resist this one Harris Tweed. It begged me to take it home with me. What could I do??? Besides, I have *one* other H.T. jacket that it can share the closet with 🙂

  1. I really love your coathanger collection! What a great idea! I’ve never seen hangers like that here, with the drycleaning firm printed onto the wood, they are lovely. And what a fine collection you’re making! I collect tea towels – also very ordinary things, but often also deeply pleasing and beautifully designed.

    • Felix, collection of tea towels, how quintessially English, I love it ! The thing about ‘collections’ is so very interesting, I’m suspecting mammalian, as animals hoard things in their nests. We humans are no different, eh? What is a nut in a squirrel’s nest is an antique hanger in mine. Lets ponder the meaning of our quirky collections and keep up with the posting about them. I’d love to see more of yours in perhaps a new topic line on Domestic Soundscape? 🙂

  2. That sounds just like you…and my mom! Your thrift shop lovers! Of course, so am I, because everything is ripping cheap!
    Love Nineeeeeeers!

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