I’m pausing from my busy day, taking a break from the knitting I’m immersed in, and disregarding any deadlines. Truthfully, I’m just having a little fun experimenting with the different photo gallery features. Photographing still more yarn of still another project I’m (still) in the middle of isn’t really necessary, but I do like these playful & whimsical circles!

I mustn’t forget about the f u n !

So anyway, these are going to be one sweater tee (which three-quarters of the way through now), and another which will be a sweater tee … um…long-sleeve-ified. I know I’m not making much sense blathering on right now about it, you’ll see soon enough. I just wanted an excuse to show you some sock yarn through little circular windows !

8 thoughts on “Pause

  1. I’m confused, (but it might be too many nights of study!), but didn’t you say circular windows? I missed that! Am I dense? Well……….. don’t answer that…… 🙂

      • Hello Martha ! I am being super silly with all the blog photo gallery features… there’s tiled mosaic , square tiles, circles, …. slideshow. I’m over-doing it, I know 🙂 xx

        • I think its fun! I just didn’t see the circles in the original email, so when I went to reply, I hadn’t seen them. Of course, they are on your blog, and once I scrolled up after posting here, I saw them! Its a good thing to be camera happy! I took a zillion (really!) photos of Oreo swimming in the stream yesterday! There are three different photos, with millions of variations on each of the three. After all that fun with the camera! I’ll have to play with mine now too. Sounds better than studying for finals…………….

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