I’m not a fast knitter.  I’m a plodder really, though I get the job done in good time.  ” Slow and steady wins the race ” I always say.

Well, there’s news !  I am going to be travelling to Vancouver BC this coming week, for some days.  The event is a Ninetieth Birthday party held in honor of my father-in-law, and… and well… I purposely held off thinking about this travelling thing, because really, I am so adverse to travel ~~ ( those who know me , can attest to the extreme, to get me over the county line is a big spree !) ~~ so I put it out of my mind the weeks coming up to it, in order to not brew and stew and work myself into a terrible state. Now it’s the week of said travel, and I can’t any longer put it out of my mind, especially as I am immersed in a last-minute knitting project that will hopefully be finished for the Man Of Honor during the visit.

You see, I want something to knit while I’m there . . . something mindless, like rib or stocking stitch of something . . . nothing too big, or two small . . . something that will keep me calm among the numbers of folk for the time I will be there (okay, two days , three nights , three mornings… you bet I have counted!) …. something very portable, and lastly, something that can be finished there.  Mind you, these are all wonderful people, intelligent and jovial and downright interesting people, yet I need my knitting to keep  ‘sat at the table’ with them, to best Have A Good Time. This hermit gets plucked from her hermitage and needs tranquilizers ! Stitches are my drug of choice. Stitches keep me calm, composed, and confident in the presence of others.

Okay, back-story out of the way. So I’ve thought and thought, which sort of knitting can I be doing in constant motion , as if there is a deadline, and have a decent excuse to be doing so? Well, something for the Birthday Fellow of course !  But, well, the Birthday Fellow lives in a near desert climate, so well, knitted hat, scarf, gloves, or even a vest, are not something he could appreciate. He gave away his sweaters decades ago.  However, there’s always socks! Everybody wears socks, right?  Socks are the gift to beat all gifts, and I am determined to make him a pair !

One problem,  I only know top down sock knitting , (have only knit three pairs ; two pair in succession finished last year at this time,  these  and  these  , also a pair of  kilt hose  I knit two years ago) and this is going to be difficult.  I must have the tricky business of the heel flap & turn, and gusset decreases, and toe decreases, and intolerable Kitchener stitch out of the way.  How can I make this work?

After some thought, I’ve come to a conclusion !!!

Inside-out sock knitting !  I don’t know if its been done much with socks, but I figured out how to provisional cast-on just above the heel flap, knit two rows of 2/2 rib, and get down to business of knitting the foot section  ~~~ two at a time, separately, on two circular needles each~~~ then mount the live loops of the provisional cast-on back on to needles, and knit the leg up (later)  .  Yup ! This is it!!!  This is my answer to a very complex quandary.  Here I am,  on Monday, just into the gusset decreases. I’m confident that by my departure on Thursday morning, I will be through with the whole foot, and when I am a midst the crowd , I can take out my ‘very important knitting ‘ and just smile and K2P2, engaged with the company of others, until it’s time to top it off with a big red stripe !  I am prepared for this trip with the perfect plan.   Here are the two critters in progress (I know, I’ve been on a grey & red kick lately) …

inside-out , two-at-a-time, sock knitting

I’m improvising from three different sock patterns, and using some stash sock yarn, in colors ‘jackrabbit heather’ and ‘firecracker red’ . (That bright yellow-green is the provisional cast-on crochet work which will get unravelled and removed when put on to the needles going the other way (ankle up) when I’m there.  My father in law will like them I think . I hope.

Well, it’s a beautiful morning up here on the mountain, the birds in full chorus, the sun high in blue sky already, but with a cool breeze, and I’m off for a good knit-walk to rattle off some rows on these socks !

16 thoughts on “Inside-Out

    • I knew you would !!! 🙂 AND , I can pre-block the foot before I put on the needles to work up to the top , as well as ask the giftee, just how long he’d like ’em 🙂

      • Smart Girl! You can out think me any day of the week. What a fun idea. I love the colors you’ve chosen and I will put this on the list of things I want to try. I am thinking of how spectacular it would look with self striping yarn that changes direction at the ankle. That would be cool and puzzle a few people. I must try this one.

        • Hi Carol hen ! So you know, Morrie and I were talkin’ the other day about how you could also ‘cut’ off and rework a cuff too, by picking up the right legs of a round of stitches on to a needle, then cutting out the rest. You ought to do your own Inside Out sock then! 🙂 I’ll be looking for it on Ravelry ! (when I get back , lol) .

    • Chookie… you’re easily thrilled, huh… 😉
      (I am so embarrassed I stillhaven’t replied to your very heart-warming letter of last. Coming up ! xxx)

  1. I am completely confused as to how you are doing this – and that’s even with a picture. Anyway, it is a great idea. Gentlemen need socks and he will love these. And every one needs a comfort blanket – and yours are your socks. Have a lovely time in Vancouver – one of my favourite places.

    • Oh you’ve been there ! Last time I was on a plane, was coincidentally the same dates 8 years ago, to visit in Vancouver (where my sister-in-law lives) Now Lizzi, I think I edited the text to explain after you read and commented, so basically what I’m doing is : provisional cast-on just above the heel flap, work the foot sections, then pick up live stitches from provisional cast-on later, and knit up.

      I discovered with “Molly’s Montreal” how picking up live stitches from a POC and continueing in the opposite direction seems to not make any difference in the stitches ! So of course, I’m in absolute L. O. V. E. with provisional cast-on now, and you can bet I’ll be doing it every chance I get ! See, the Molly’s Montreal tee taught me a big lesson 🙂

  2. ” Slow and steady wins the race ” That you do, sista 😀

    You do know tube socks have no heel/gusset to knit/worry about. Sideway, short-row, free-form construction socks can be started any part of the sock. Anywhere you choose/like. You just affirm that by knitting the gussets first ❤

    I'm ecstatic that you are venturing out to BC! It's such a beautiful country. Enjoy the adventure with families.

  3. I hope your time in Vancouver either has gone well.

    Did you get those socks done? I used the same technique once when I wanted to work toe-up on the leg so I could do custom calf increases, but top-down on the foot so I could do my usual heel and toe.


    • Hello Myriam ~ I am just back (no blogging while away) and can say happily that Yes, I did finish them ! So you did the same inside-out technique … good to know !!! Thank you !

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