8 thoughts on “Dicey ~ The Pattern

  1. Jen – You never cease to amaze. I still have the drawings you did of “Dicey” during one of our recording sessions. The balance between form and colour is nothing short of perfect. I know other readers of your site will get as much joy and appreciation out of your efforts as I do, very well done, J.

  2. Hi Jen, i’m planning on making it for September probably in pure shetland wool, with(MC)grey, green, yellow & red contrast. The 2nd striped tee is coming along. I’m knitting the top & bottom at the same time so its shaping up quickly & this time i may add longer sleeves! Have fun designing lovely new things♥

    • OH WOW… I can’t wait to see your Dicey ! ALso, your Spring Tee Two ! Knitting top and bottom ribs at the same time? You’re a multi-tasker for sure, and very talented Lorraine. I hope to get the tee pattern out this week, but if not, definitely next. 🙂 xx

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