Cheery Things


*   *   *
Another finished summer  sock !

And a big garden pot of ripe apricots from the garden !


The other day I went down to the garden, and almost all of the apricots had fallen off !

I was able to gather them before the ravens had a feast of them .  These have been sitting in the kitchen a few days, and before they mold . . . I’d say it’s time to make some jam !

I’m spending the day clearing my metaphorical slate, and gathering the good things around me, letting the pressure of self-imposed deadlines just melt away.

13 thoughts on “Cheery Things

  1. Oh, so cute. I keep thinking one of these days I’m going to buy a pair of red clogs to wear with funky little socks. Those definitely need a pair of clogs!

    • Yes, they do ! There’s another way we’re similar… before just a few years ago , I use to wear clogs constantly, and had since highschool (and that’s a long time ago ! 🙂 Thank you Kieran xx

    • How about a matching pair to go with your pin-striped tee for your g-daughter??? 🙂 Speaking of gathering… you and the black sheep… you must already be at the BlackSheepGathering and set up ! 🙂 xx

    • Lizzi, that’s a brilliant idea !!! You make strawberry jam, and I’ll make apricot, and we’ll swap a wee jar, even if only a ‘taste’ with a wee 4oz jar !

    • Hi Kay, Hello ! I have been lousy with not visiting your blog for a while… I’ll have to catch up soon…and cheer you along… promise ! 🙂

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