Taking Yarn Stock : Hebridean 2ply

Yarn. I have more yarn than I need, but still far less than many.  Here is Virtual Yarns Hebridean 2ply fanned out on the table.  I love this yarn, so now I’ve got all the colors, ordered over a couple of years , beginning back in 2009 when I fell in love with color work after buying Alice Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle Knitting.  I will replenish as used, so there will always be enough of any one color to snatch up in the throes of creative impulse. As you can see, some have already gotten knit up…


The camera never can give a totally color neutral eye, it always seems to favor one tone over others, and the greens & neutrals to the left are not very vivid. You can certainly see better representations of the colors on the Hebridean 2ply yarns page of their website.

Virtual Yarns sources premium quality pure, new British wool, then it is dyed in the wool and combined into the unique blends inspired by the natural environment of the Hebrides. I love that !


Here is all the thirty-five colors , attached to their original labels, in one-yard lengths, optimal in versatility as far as shade card archives go.

*  *  *

Note about the photo at the top of the page : It is the new table we just moved into the house from the workshop over the weekend! A project Jeff has been laboring over for months, the post & beam table, that which has made me seriously proud of him, he’s such an amazing artisan with wood!

((And yes, in case you’re wondering, that *is* Emma’s yellow football and  water dish.))

14 thoughts on “Taking Yarn Stock : Hebridean 2ply

    • Hi Jen ! Thanks so much…. the table top itself had to be ‘slid’ from workshop , across the dirt road, into the house, over three leap-frogging saw-horses with wool blankets on top to cushion and lessen the friction. HEAVY ! Post & beam table for a post & beam house… Jeff had real vision!

  1. So much beautiful stuff! Iooooovvveee the table! Beautiful workmanship and it fits the space spectacularly. And all the wonderful virtual yarn. This new topic about yarn is so much fun. The only thing better than playing with my own yarn is seeing someone else’s yarn!!!

    • I was just so looking forward to your post Carol, because we can share the Hebridean Yarn shade card experience ! I’ll tell Jeff you loooovvveee his table. 🙂 xxx

      • I love my shade card and I’m only waiting to place my blue order on finding the blue wool that I want to use to make my new winter suit. I just haven’t found the right one yet. I also love that the strands in my shade card are long enough to really tell if the yarn would work in the design I want to knit. It is surprisingly bigger than Jamieson’s and, Jamieson and Smiths yarns which can be used interchangeably. This something I wouldn’t have known without my gifted shade card!

        • Yes, it is a little bigger. Though I still think it is all interchangeable pretty well, given one checks gauge. 🙂
          Which blues are you considering?

          • Kelpie, Storm Petrel or Mara as my major color for the Beret. It will all depend on the navy I pick for my new suit. I like the Folkwear Pattern Traveling Suit. the part under the jacket is not skirt but a jumper. The whole outfit needs eleven yards so I am hunting for a bargin price as well as a yummy fabric in a color I like. I will find it eventually.

            • A whole lovely ensemble you are making ! I love, love, love Folkwear patterns too, and have quite a few of them! I want to make the Walking Skirt.

    • Yes, I can imagine! Jeff made it extra big for such occasions, but for now, I can’t seem to help myself from sprawling out with all my busy things of the day. 🙂

    • Hi Bonnie… well, I guess I don’t intend to drag out every messy skein and present it here, more that I want to take a good look at my ‘stash’ and ask myself ‘why do I have this’, ‘do I still want to use it?’ and the like. I may really intend to do this with newer yarn acquisitions. Maybe Italian ! 🙂

  2. Wow, what a wonderful assortment of colors and texture! I love the photos, and would love to see them in person. You are so lucky to have such gorgeous woodwork to show them off on, too. Great post, looking forward to seeing more. You know how it is with Yarnies, we love to see and touch yarns of all kinds!

    • Hello Martha, this table Jeff made is certainly a lovely new aspect of Yarnings , and I am planning to make it a platform on which to photograph and video tutorials ~~ “Tips From The Table” I am going to call it ! What do you think? 🙂

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