Treats From Scotland !

I recieved another package from Scotland today ! Kelly  and I seem to be in the yarn shade-cards trading, for as soon as I sent her my home-made job of  a Hebridean2ply shade card,  she promptly and unsuspectingly reciprocated with a Jamieson & Smith Shetland Yarn shade kit. This kit has every available color of theirs : Shetland 2ply Jumper Weight, Shetland Aran, 2ply Lace weight, Shetland Heritage, and Shetland Combed top for spinning !!!  I am beguiled by a yarn prism of Shetland woolliness… thank you Kelly !

Along with the very much appreciated shade card  came a book from Kelly’s library,  Luise Roberts’ “1000 Great Knitting Motifs” , from which I’m certain I will get plenty of use. Just take a look at the bounty spread before me of treats. We have not one, but two dvd postcards all about the Highlands of Scotland, and I am sampling as I write this , authentic Scottish Tablet… no joke !  Not just Tablet, but Scots fudge & Scots macaroon, all hand-made too. I think my favorite is the macaroon, with it’s lovely textured appeal. Last but certainly not least, a very lovely gift of a the Scottish Thistle letter seal & sealing wax. I am already thinking I may seal the plaid ribbon around my wee bags o’ shortbread with this. Its arrival is brilliant!

Kelly, I can’t thank you enough. You are an inspiration as a Highland Designer, and a dear and generous friend ~~ xx!

13 thoughts on “Treats From Scotland !

    • Hi Katarina ~ What of the J&S are you considering… the 2ply for Fair Isle, or another of their line? What are your favorite colors… just curious 🙂

      • I do, I love their yarn! I have made a few projects from their undyed Shetland Supreme and one from the jumper weight in the dyed versions. I had a chance to visit their shop last fall during wool week and can’t wait to get back. But even at the shop they didn’t have any shade cards for they really are a specialty!

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