Knitting swirls of yarn so very suggestive of mouth-watering fusilli pasta !I learned a new technique the other day,  working three stitches into each cast-on stitch, then binding-off, makes a yarn spiral !

Then there’s my indoor gardening experiment . . .

jenjoycedesign©onion You know when you cut an onion up, and use only part of it, then put the other part back into the fridge and forget about it? Well, apparently if you buy organic, and if you leave the rooting part in tact, who’s to say it won’t still propogate? One red onion seems to be sprouting into six separate shoots. Six! I have a mind to have a bag in the fridge just for the rooted section of onions I’ve used, to see if they regenerate new plants.

8 thoughts on “Swirls

  1. since I am on a no gluten diet this pasta recipe the perfect dinner for me. seriously no stomach cramps or horrible unspeakable digestive issues. bound to be going on my fork/needles soon.
    I love experimenting with my stitches to see where they will go. and this is such a fun experiment really 1 to 50 in just 6 rows — wow!

    • Well, lets see, I cast on like 20, then I knit into the front & back & front again of each one, to 60. I then purled row 2. Then I Knit f/b/f into each one… totalling 180 on row3, then I purled row 4. Then I knit f/b/f into each totalling 540 on row 5, (it was tough, all those stitches crammed so close) then purled a row. So.. um… no that is more like 1 expanding into 27–that makes better sense doesn’t it? Gross miscalculation on my statement, going to go change it. 🙂

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