Knitting swirls of yarn so very suggestive of mouth-watering fusilli pasta !

I learned a new technique the other day, (( I’m working on a secret side project))  and that is working three stitches into each cast-on stitch, then binding-off ~~  makes a yarn spiral !  The perfect knit-walking pocket project, I’ve been experimenting on variations in this theme.  I am finding out what happens when a single stitch explodes into 9 stitches in 2 rows, or even from a single stitch into over 50 Almost 30 in 6 short-rows, letting my imagination run wild,  navigating through possibility , and reminding myself that the i-cord in it’s many uses, never ceases to impress me !

8 thoughts on “Swirls

  1. since I am on a no gluten diet this pasta recipe the perfect dinner for me. seriously no stomach cramps or horrible unspeakable digestive issues. bound to be going on my fork/needles soon.
    I love experimenting with my stitches to see where they will go. and this is such a fun experiment really 1 to 50 in just 6 rows — wow!

    • Well, lets see, I cast on like 20, then I knit into the front & back & front again of each one, to 60. I then purled row 2. Then I Knit f/b/f into each one… totalling 180 on row3, then I purled row 4. Then I knit f/b/f into each totalling 540 on row 5, (it was tough, all those stitches crammed so close) then purled a row. So.. um… no that is more like 1 expanding into 27–that makes better sense doesn’t it? Gross miscalculation on my statement, going to go change it. 🙂

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