Things In Trees

jenjoycedesign© nest
I was out walking this morning , with Emma, knitting as I go.  I nearly stepped on this perfect little nest which was upright, in the middle of the path !  It must have been a sad loss for the birds who inhabited it, probably due to a marauding jay or raven or a lashing wind, which brought it to fall from the branches.

It was so fragile and dear and perfect, I couldn’t just walk on by. I put my knitting in my shoulder bag, and picked it up examining it closely as walked a while, with it very carefully perched in my cupped hand. Soon after I found some newly fallen acorns too, how lovely, which I popped inside the nest, looking like tree eggs of a sort.  As I walked from the oaks through the firs,  I noticed then some freshly fallen fir cones too, and picked a few of them up and put in my knitting bag. I tell you, now I feel it, I just know it’s coming, my favorite season of all is knocking at Summer’s door ~~ because things are beginning to fall out of trees!

Yet still a long wait through the hot & dry months before the first rains come, usually in October. But for now, the nest, acorns, and cones are a festive little Autumnal adornment to my loft, reminding me that not long from now is the Autumnal equinox !


8 thoughts on “Things In Trees

  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet. Yes, Autumn is the best. I just planted my early winter crop of lettuce and kale. This is probably the first time in my whole gardening career that I’ve actually planted a second crop. By this time I’m usually exhausted with all of the harvesting, but with such a small little plot in my trough garden, it’s much easier :).

    • Morrie, I am *so* with you there ! By the time Autumn rolls around, I’m fried from the watering and all. But I managed to keep my kale under a tent all summer and it’s lush like greenhouse produce !

    • Kelly, Autumn in California is nothing like the East Coast Autumn, but I love it mostly because the heat subsides, and the moisture comes back, and the rains…ohhh… the rains ! 🙂

  2. I love Autumn too, especially the brisk weather. Sunny, cool days, leaves changing colors, its all so nice, and restful. I collect pinecones! I love the big Ponderosa pinecones here, and I put them into baskets. I just love finding perfectly shaped, round bottom pinecones and love to display them. I think your nature display is wonderful!

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