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Any of you who has visited this blog has seen a photo of this corner. It stands out in Calistoga , the angular & tall historic bank building from the old town, and where my nieces model their latest sweaters I’ve designed & knit for them on the Autumnal & Vernal Equinoxes for four years running.

jenjoycedesign©corner in Calistoga2
The building is the most striking pale fresh minty green, and which is now Bella Tootsie Shoes, but right next door is the Upvalley Vintners where my duo-mate and I perform music frequently. You can see it, there on the left edge in the photo with my nieces above, and the mint green bank building is in the background of the photo below.
Upvalley Vintners
Well, we had a gig in Calistoga last night at Upvalley Vintners (the place was hopping!) and let me tell you how surreal to be hauling sound gear past that very spot my nieces pose for the camera twice a year, and it got me thinking, how spring will be here in a blink! It is time for me to begin sketching ideas already. I walked past this corner carrying mic stands and mandolin last night, wondering what the forthcoming Spring design will be. I tell you, it was a most evocative moment of my evening.

You can read up on us more on our website,  over here.

11 thoughts on “This Corner

    • Well Thank you Morrie, there were some better than others, but I really love how the girls make it a great collection… without them, it wouldn’t be a collection at all. Aye… the Calistoga Collection ~~ Thinking now about making patterns of the sweaters that don’t have them, and knit them over, that could really work ! xx

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