Knitting Hysteria

I have already let myself off the hook that I am not obliging to knit more gifts by the big two-five deadline, as I had last year, and the year before. Besides, I already shipped off one to Nora, who will meet her knitted kitty on that special morning before too long. Well done enough, for this year I figure. Yet I am falling asleep and waking with great worry of not meeting deadlines. I suspect it’s more that I’m ramping up my energy at the starting gate of the New Year, and expectations set upon myself of all that I want to accomplish. About now I need to have a little bit of a distraction by way of eggnog or Irish Coffee, or just good ol’ mug of hot cocoa will do, and get to it with the Christmas cheer, because it’s less than three weeks from today, and to add, I’ve got two Christmas gigs back to back in the next two days to get past. Question: How does a frigid frozen-pipes December happen only eight weeks from  blistering hot Indian Summer?  Answer: A phenomenon called Northern California ! The woodstove is in full roar now, as the mercury is dropping. Anyway, One just can’t complain about hearing Dean Martin holiday albums too early while about town,  I guess. Or maybe One can. It is rather cheery, I’ll admit.  Speaking of Christmas , today the mailbox was packed with goodies sent from afar.  First gift of the season to enter the house, a rather large (book shaped) package from my sweet designer buddy in the North of Scotland ! (Yes, Kelly, it came ! I will be very good and not peek 🙂  … I promise !)


 In the meantime I am working on these prototype Pretty Little Things gloves  . . .


Oh, and there’s a couple of other Must-Not-Mention Knitting Prospects loitering on the sidelines of my conscience too. My hands are in use constantly by the way ~~ if they’re not playing mandolin, or working outside (yeah, like on my knitting trail!) … then they are knitting…. even  while I walk about the mountain with Emma.  My hands are feeling a little sore these days, from a lot of use.  I’m hoping you might all come from the shadows and collectively rope & tie me into a comfortable chair and bring me some hot Irish coffee with gobs of whipped cream, and a give me a much needed hand massage?  Would that be too much to ask? 🙂

17 thoughts on “Knitting Hysteria

  1. I’m up for that!! I owe you a hand massage anyway since I pulled out my lovely gray fingerless gloves today and whispered a heartfelt thank you to you. They were SO needed today in this biting cold. xo

    • Ooooh Jen… really ? Lets have that spicey cocoa with gobs of whip on it too ! 🙂 I’m so glad you’re getting some use out of those mitts ! xx

  2. I going to get my nails filled tomorrow and hand massage is a part of the treatment, I can hardly wait! Among everyday cooking and cleaning and knitting my poor hands take a beating. I would rather have them be this way than to be idle and unused! If I could only knit faster!!

  3. Hi chookie! I’m so pleased your present arrived, I was thinking about it yesterday. It’s so cold here now, yesterday we had thunder, lightening, torrential rain, gale force winds and power cuts. Today we have snow. I’m glad I’m off the weekend – I’m not going to move from the fire! X

    • Oh Kelly, thats thrilling, all the wintery weathery theatrics ! You and Cuilean cuddled no doubt by the stove, in a story-book setting. 🙂 Thank you **so** much for your thoughtfulness Chookie ! xxx

  4. Oh, how a hand rub sounds good. I would love to pamper your nimble knittin’ fingers, but my hands are like sandpaper, thanks to the brutal cold weather here. South, I need to move South….
    What yarn are you stashing until January? Love, love the blue/brown combo!

    • Until Mid January (after my birthday 😉 I figure I would ‘splash out’ and become acquainted with this mob-popular ((expensive!)) Madelinetosh Sock yarn once and for all, and so this next spring, will be Madelinetosh yarn’d ‘tee-ey’ things ((but I am only whispering to you in the privacy of this comment box, where I might let loose with a little gossip once in a while. shhhh.)) Lets get hand treatments Kieran , how about it? Manicure?

      • Madeline Tosh? *swoon*
        I can’t wait to see what you whip up.
        A birthday in January? I hope you have grand celebration plans!
        I’ve had only one manicure in my life, it was the worst experience, ever. The guy I went to didn’t speak English, and I was a having a hard time understanding what he was trying to convey to me. I think we were equally frustrated, however, his frustration level peaked when he slapped me. It was kind of funny up to that point. True story. That ended all hand pampering. I still laugh when I recall the whole scenario. 😬

        • Kieran dear… OH EM GEE !! (omg) He SLAPPED YOU ? I can not believe this. Well I hope you didn’t pay him ! 😉 Regarding the Mad.tosh … well, I figured it’s time I stop giving the impression I’m designing for Knit Picks.. 😉 😉 😉

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