Penny Candy Tee !


Well friends, I’ve finished up Tee One, which is also the prototype for Penny Candy Tee, and here she is slung over a chair back ,  just to show off how well the fabric drapes.  This flavor ” Licorice Vanilla ”  is for Niece Who Is Fourteen . . . sultry greys and creams, and  a classic ensemble of colors suits her perfectly. Perfectly!

jenjoycedesign©back-lit 2

The pattern is already well on it’s way but I am being childishly impatient not to wait until it is ready before I show it off.


The fact that this design has moderate waist shaping is indeed a milestone for me!


Also, I figured out a clever way to work short-rows at the back of the neck, and miter the centered lacework too, though admittedly, a bit of improvisation is necessary.


I think the winning feature of this design, is that the scalloped bottom edge of the lace motif is so sturdy & stubborn  and the fabric of the stockinette (sock yarn on big needles) is so lightweight & sheer … that the stripes completely yield to the lace’s personality!


Shown with the bottom folded up to meet the back neck.

Best of all , the steep raglan shaping is well-complimented by the stripes . . .

jenjoycedesign© Penny-Candy-Tee-detail

This lightweight springtime knit folds up into practically nothing. . .


I am going to go be busier than a beehive and finish Tee Two.  Stash yarns in a mix of different yarn brands will do nicely… orange, peach, and rusty red are fav colors of Niece Who Is Eleven !  I’ve got the Calistoga photo session with my nieces already marked on the calendar for two weeks from today, so there’s no letting up until then.  I will probably do some lovely still photos and show off Tee Two coming up soon as I race the clock, so watch this space!


34 thoughts on “Penny Candy Tee !

  1. Incredible. Words fail me as I bear witness to your talent. This is so beautiful and lovely. The detail… Wow!!!! You are brilliant, truly. Well done my friend. ❤

    • Thank you SO much Debbie ! Remember, this tee is the harbinger of Spring… so expect some sunshine coming your way soon… very soon. xx 🙂

  2. That tee is lovely! I love the detail and the way it all joins together nicely. The second one looks to be pretty also with the colors you’ve picked out. Really, I think you’re brilliant as always in choosing color combinations and styles to knit. I wish I had your talent! Looking forward to the next post.

    • Martha, tis pure dogged stubborness and practice… not talent. (ok, maybe a little talent)… and Tee Two is going to be a ball o’ fire ! I am so glad to have you visit, I’ve missed your cheer. xx 🙂

    • Hey, thank you Bonnie ! You notice something???? It’s the same lace motif as in the cuff of Una Cosettina ! 🙂 I fell in love with that motif… I can’t stop myself. lol.

  3. I saw this post in my feed and thought “Oh this is so Jen’s style!”, and look, it’s you! This is gorgeous! I love the juxtaposition of the fancy lace with stripes.

    • Hi Miss Emily ! Oh, but won’t Miss Fourteen Year Old look great modelling this one??? 🙂 I hope you knit one (after the pattern is ready …lol) xx

  4. Wow, it is stunning! i can not wait for the pattern! What a geat idea to outline the lace and pair it with stripes, just everything is so right about this design!

    • Kay, thank you much ! I have a good feeling about this one too… I had hoped to get the pattern finished for the Vernal Equinox… but I may be a little late… by about a week 🙂 xx

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