Vineyard Rows Toque !

jenjoycedesign© 016

My latest design, another Vineyard Rows accessory . . .

the Vineyard Rows Toque,

which I made allusion to in my previous post  All This Talk About Toque.

jenjoycedesign© 017 This design may actually lead to mittens & gloves, pullover  & cardigan eventually, but I can’t make any promises yet.   I am working with a new yarn  which is far easier to find This Side Of The Pond than the Jamiesons’ Spindrift Shetla:nd yarn. jenjoycedesign©Vineyard Rows Toque detail

Vineyard Rows  Toque is  designed with 100% Peruvian Highlands Wool :

Cascade 220 fingering, in Jet, Charcoal, Silver & Natural.

jenjoycedesign© 018

Back-story : Early last Autumn I was sad witness to  destruction of a very old vineyard very close by, which was a rich and important part of our lives here on the mountain,  and where Emma and I walked nearly every day.  When I made this post Seasonal ,  I was so shaken  seeing  the old vines  ripped right out of the soil, roots and all, and heaped in massive piles on top of plowed soil , never again to be pruned or picked.  All the familiar faces of the friendly workers to whom I’d often wave ‘Hola!’  vanished, as there were no vines to be tended.


So I launched into my tribute to those vines, in my Vineyard Rows Collection.  There will be many designs in this collection I can only hope , the first being Vineyard Rows Highland Bonnet in Jamieson’s Spindrift Shetland wool,  and now there is  Vineyard Rows Toque.

jenjoycedesign©Vineyard Rows Toque 3

The next time you see this toque it will be the pattern debut,  and  I will have  embroidered grapes in wine tones hanging from the grape vines,  just as the Vineyard Rows Highland Bonnet has. But this is the unadorned version.

jenjoycedesign©Vineyard Rows Toque

In the mean time  you can peruse more posts about vineyards  HERE.

jenjoycedesign©high mountain vineyard


11 thoughts on “Vineyard Rows Toque !

    • Thanks Lizzi ! But you know what? Yesterday Emma and I were out walking in a beatiful field of wild peas, grass, and lupine …which is now what the old vineyard will be, and it is beautiful. I have completely recovered from my grief and now looking forward to the new vines going in (next year?) . THe new owners are doing amazing work to the place ! 🙂 So, I’m positive. Next post will be more of a purple-flowers-in-spring color kind of a post.

    • Thanks so much ! There will however be an option for wine-colored grapes embroidered and a wine red pom pom ! That is still, so complimenting to the greys though. Coming up next. 🙂 xx

  1. I love this toque as much as the original bonnet, so which to make first? But I had to laugh when you mentioned a yarn “easier to find on this side of the pond”, because here in the Bay Area I have at least two LYS sources of Jamieson Shetland Spindrift, but have never seen any Cascade 220 Fingering. . .

    • That is funny ! I get my Jamiesons Spindrift from Knitterly in Petaluma, and my Cascade 220 Fingering here in my own Napa Shop. Its a toss of the dice isn’t it???

      I have found that unless one lives close to a good knit shop, it’s difficult. SF being one of those great places for yarns in general… I say that you are a lucky exception. Thank you so much for your compliments for my Vineyard Rows (two) designs… the toque will be ready very soon ! 😉 xx

      • Oh, and that said, I think you could EASILY do EITHER in Jamiesons Spindrift as well as Cascade 220, or any other fingering weight wool ! The Toque is so much simpler to knit than the Highlands Bonnet, so I almost want to recommend that one first. 🙂 xx

  2. Beautiful toque. I love the monochrome and think the burgandy vines would be pretty also. I like the way the whole toque is put together. It is really lovely. And I have to say, your photography is exquisite too!

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