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The other day I made a great find at my favorite local thrift shop. Admittedly it needed work to up-cycle it into the long thought-about colorwork yarn stash cabinet I’d been dreaming of putting on the wall in front of my work table. Just something to show which colors I have on hand , rather than perpetually digging out bags and boxes and dumping about to sift through.   Well, this little cabinet is of very old redwood, and the 3/4″ boards which made up the back were recessed into the frame.

I wanted shelves, and I wanted extra width in the depth than it had ~~ enough for balls & skeins of yarn for colorwork.  So I needed to take that back off in order to get enough width, and to make shelves out of it, and that is exactly what I did (well, with the help mostly of Jeff too) . Here it is as I found it… very dark aged redwood cabinet thing, looking like it may have been a little workshop cabinet once, as it is not in the least bit refined cabinetry, but rough, as I like it.


jenjoycedesign©removing back boards

I removed the back boards by cutting through the nails with a coping saw blade, gave it a light sanding, then created shelves with the 3/4″ boards that were on the back.  Voila, a framed shelf with glass door ~~ a colorwork stash cabinet made to order !

jenjoycedesign©stash-cabinet 1

My humble work space is now much improved with a glass encased colorwork stash to inspire !


29 thoughts on “Stash

    • I’m glad you got to see it, as I’d been talking about changing it to make it right. Now it is right. What to do with those hooks that were on the wall previously now? Any ideas? 🙂 xx

    • Hi Marianne, thank you ! I happen to be on my way to packing that little cabinet full of mostly Jamiesons Of Shetland Spindrift… going to be my fun little shopping spree. 🙂 xx

  1. What a lovely little display cabinet. I love the contents too. But even more I love the knitting casually (or not so) lying on the table in front of said lovely cabinet!

    • Hello Raymonde!! Oh, you would recognize old furniture & cabinets as works of art, yes, I believe it is ! (( and I’ve already added a couple of more balls of fair-isle fingering yarn into it…lol)) I hope you’re well ! xxx 🙂

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