Yarn Cake

jenjoycedesign© yarn cakes
I’ve been making yarn cake!
jenjoycedesign© yarn mess
From a big mess of sock yarn, various sized balls with who-knows how many yards left on them. I can simply run the balls through this yarn meter thing, on to a ball-winder (both acquired very recently)…

… make a label of what it is and how many yards are on the ‘cake’, then  tie both ends together to the label and tuck label inside. No more loose ends getting tangled! Shown here, a full skein from the swift, through the meter, on to the ball winder.

Slowly I’m making order of chaos, and feeling a bit transformed by this insane yarn tidiness!

18 thoughts on “Yarn Cake

      • I thought I was fine just weighing for yardage , but I gotta admit , the meter sure makes it easier, and also for yarn with no labels and one hasn’t a clue how many yards/meters per gram, one needs a meter. 🙂

  1. I try to wind up leftovers if it’s that much. I want to buy a nostepinne at STITCHES this year to help wind up the little balls. I started keeping yarn tags and tying on a small piece of it so I’ll know that the leftover is. I can’t tell you how many little, black balls of yarn are unidentified here.

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