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jenjoycedesign© tam

A progress photo of a tam I’m working on which has an all-over pattern, and that I’m really having a lot fun figuring the shaping & wheel. I’m also looking forward to showing it off more, very very soon… promise!

Backstory;  I saw a film recently about chess master Bobby Fischer, called “Pawn Sacrifice”. and well, totally apart from the actual film’s plot or historic depiction, I couldn’t help but notice the… um… Fair Isle yoked sweaters and vests which were worn, whether just popular at the time, or more a signature of Fischer’s. Perhaps also the chess scene promoted a bit of class in the realm of the game, and I’ve spotted a few shots (only a few, of many)  where some fine knitted sweaters are very chessy & stylish . . .

But really this isn’t about chess, or the film, or even the grand-master Bobby Fischer. Not at all. In fact, although the film was about Fischer, ironically the motif is from  a vest worn by Fischer’s opponent Spassky (much much later) that draws my attention…

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

It appears to be little hearts , or shamrocks, or whatever it looks like to you. As Valentines day is approaching I can’t help but think to name my tam “Wee Hearts” or something equally saccharine. But maybe a better name like “Chess Moves” or… well… this is where I’d love your help.   Above is a photo of my tam in progress with the same motif.  Can you see the tiny little hearts?

Here’s the thing,  I beckon you for your ideas as to what to name this tam, and although it is not finished, it will be the all over design just as you see, and the name would do well to reflect the motif, or the origin. What does the motif bring to mind for you? I will choose one of your ideas left in comments here on Yarnings~~ and so happy to hand it over… thanks! 

9 thoughts on “a name

  1. Since I don’t really see that the classic motif has much to do with chess, maybe a simple title that is generic? I don’t really see the hearts very well, I think they look more like shamrocks, so you might consider St Patrick’s day theme, and call it “Shamrocks”?

  2. Your new tam looks gorgeous, Jen ! And for me, it may like to be still the “Wee Hearts Tam” ( I love those tiny little Hearts !)

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