Spring Sweaters 2017 (& Emma)

jenjoycedesign© Emma & sweaters 2.JPG

Finally the Spring Sweaters are blocking to dry, and are awaiting my nieces!   (Emma is not drying, nor awaiting, but just is.)

jenjoycedesign© blocking 2


Knit from cotton-linen blend, these tees are from my Calidez pullover design (with short sleeves and ‘summer neckline’ options (details on Ravelry here & here)

jenjoycedesign© sweaters & Emma.JPG

jenjoycedesign© blocking

I’ve made a couple of monogrammed labels embroidered rather wonkily on pieces of old silk ties I collect.

Next week is Spring break, and I am meeting my nieces in Calistoga, and will bring back gobs of spectacular photos of them modeling these Spring Sweaters I am sure.

jenjoycedesign© Emma 3

But for now, Emma and I are just hanging out.

Everything in its place, and life is good.

10 thoughts on “Spring Sweaters 2017 (& Emma)

  1. Love the colors and the necklines. I’ve worked with cot/Lin blend yarns before… they are nice to work with. I ran my sweater through dryer to soften the linen, and have to afmit that I was anxious about shrinkage, but all went well. Looking forward to the photoshoot.

    • I am never confident about ‘elastic fit’ when working with cotton, so I’m worried, they won’t fit right… or will get saggy, but the photoshoot next Tuesday will tell!

  2. Wonderful shirts! (I love especially the red one)
    ….And so good to hear: ” everything in it’s place, life is good” ❤
    Love, hugs and sunny Sunday evening greetings, Petra

      • My dear! This seems to be such a good strategy! I will take this thought into the new week!
        Forgotten to mention, that your little embroidery labels are a very cute idea, to make a gift so personal!

        • Petra, my nieces really seem to appreciate my traditional little label, and as I ran out of the ‘made by Jennifer’ labels I ordered years ago, (did I say years ago? It seems like yesterday!) from so many sweaters made for them and Jeff’s g-kids, that I have resolved to just make my own to match colorways… and be a little silly. Embroidery takes mastery for sure! LOL!

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