Hey There!

Fans of my nieces, this is for you.

It is a lovely song sung by Miss Fourteen, who happens to be a seasoned folk festival attender & fiddle contest competitor, but only recently learned guitar. This is her very first you-tube post,  singing “Traveling Soldier” by the Dixie Chicks …

A colossal round of applause for our darling Miss Fourteen!

Edit in May 6, 2017:  Another singing video, and I think she is outstanding!

Edit in May 13:  This is becoming a regular thing.. a great thing!

Edit in: May 19

June 3, 2017

14 thoughts on “Hey There!

  1. Your young little niece sings with a lovely tone, I can envision her on a big stage some day! Thank you for posting this, it is so genuine and heart felt.

  2. 🎉 yes, here I am, true fan of you powerful girls 🎉 applause, applause ! So courage and well sounding! I love her smile at the end of the video 😘

  3. Hi Nina – I am amazed how perfect your voice is, you have only one direction and that’s up to the stars. I have seen many female artists over the years, some good some not so good, but every so often I see and hear one that stands out from the rest, you are it. Please do not let this wonderful gift pass you by, grab a hold and hang on your in for the ride of your life, cheers, John.

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